Rock Music Review by Gunner Kal on our Debut Album - Kevin B Klein , Good Day To Be Alive

We had recently recieved a Killer Rock Music Review on our debut album Good Day To Be Alive by an amazing man in the music industry , Gunner Kal . Gunner is the rockstar for the rockstars ! He is a Killer musician and rock photographer . He really went out of his way to listen to our music and was honest with his comments on our sound . I was blown away by the awesome feedback we received this is Gunner and this is what he said .

As many of you know, I endorse only a few local-type bands....but it's my pleasure to add another to the list; KBK......Kevin B Klein!!!! this new album is good ol' fashion straight ahead ROCK-N-ROLL!!!! And AWESOME!!!! Because it's hard to... describe new music without comparisons, I'd say this is like Bon Jovi, Firehouse, and Slaughter, with a touch of Jane's Addiction thrown in. The vocals are great and the music speaks for itself. Please check out "Good Day To Be Alive" by my buddy Kevin B Klein!!! Gunner Approved!! \m/ \m/
What an honor to get a review like this ! I am very greatful to have such awesome friends in the music industry that will take the time out of their busy schedules to share their opinions on our music .Thank you Gunner Kal . Looking forward to having you take some Killer Photo's of us in the near future !

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