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KEVIN B KLEIN – They Call It Rock ‘n’ Roll (2020)

There’s many new albums / artists daily arriving to our desk, and we try to select the best, or at least, the most interesting, This is the case with “They Call It Rock ‘n’ Roll“, the new album from American singer / songwriter KEVIN B KLEIN.
This guy has a profound love for American classic rock music, specifically from the 80s, and while self-managed and produced, “They Call It Rock ‘n’ Roll” is a very well rounded homage – all original material – to a time when melody ruled.
Inspired by the likes of early Jon Bon Jovi, Johnny Lima, Boston, The Eagles, Tesla or Night Ranger – just to name few – the 13 tracks here are a lovely, enjoyable collection of timeless tunes.


This article says it all ! I am so honored to have had such a Killer Review on my music by such a Great Artist !   As many of you know, I endorse only a few local-type bands....but it's my pleasure to add another to the list; KBK......Kevin B Klein!!!! this new album is good ol' fashion straight ahead ROCK-N-ROLL!!!! And AWESOME!!!! Because it's hard to describe new music without comparisons, I'd say this is like Bon Jovi, Firehouse, and Slaughter, with a touch of Jane's Addiction thrown in. The vocals are great and the music speaks for itself. Please check out "Good Day To Be Alive" by my buddy Kevin B Klein!!! Gunner Approved!! \m/ \m/ ” - Gunner Kal photography " The Rockstar for the Rockstars "

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