Kevin B Klein / Singer / Songwriter / Music Producer

Hello America and World ! I would like to introduce myself to you . I'm Kevin B Klein also known as KBK . I'm an award winning  singer / songwriter / music producer .  I was born in Detroit and I still reside in Michigan .  I'm proud to call myself a Nashville Recording Rock Artist / National Independent Recording  Rock Artist . My life in music has been an exciting journey for me , so far . I write classic sounding melodic rock music . All of my songs are quite unique and have a sound of their own . Music has always been my greatest passion . I have always wanted to write music that people from everywhere could enjoy . My music is relatable to everyone , everywhere . Please listen to all of my music and be prepared to take yourself on a music journey with me . I hope that you enjoy my crisp vocals and my catchy lyrics . Music is my day job . I'm always pushing hard to get my music airplay on mainstream radio . My music has been heard on AM / FM / SiriusXM Radio . I get airtime in the USA , Canada and many other countries . My goal is to become a household name . I want everybody to love the music that I create . Thank you to everybody that supports my music and my dreams . The songs that I write , I write for you . KBK