Our Florida Adventure

This year we decided to spend our Christmas in Florida . This is the first time I had ever been to Orlando. We had a pretty decent hotel and there were a lot of people there over the Christmas holiday season. I would love to get my band there one day and rock that area . The weather was warm but cloudy and we made the best of it :-) Then our next stop was to Daytona Beach . It was still cloudy and warm but not so many people around . We went to The Board Walk and I met some really nice people and snapped a couple photo's with them :-) I'll be posting some pics from our trip asap . Our next stop was to Casey Key which is on the west coast of Florida just north of Venice . I have some awesome friends that own a resort over there . I will be working with the people who run The Jetty Park on Casey Key to get my band to perform there . The management always play my music there . I played acoustic for a few people there this past weekend and got some killer compliments . The crowd at the Jetty was very small this visit . I blame this on the cloudy weather , but I will be back to the Jetty this spring :-) Like I said I will be posting pics as soon as possible :-) Keep on Rocking and don't forget to pick up our latest release " Good Day To Be Alive " Right here on this website :-) It is truly a good day " KBK

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