My latest adventure

Hello America and World !

My latest adventure started in Ft Wayne , Indiana . I was invited to come for a tour at Sweetwater Music by my sales rep Dave Snow . Dave showed me all around this incredibly humungous music center . It was the size of a shopping mall . There was so much to see there . They had eateries and shops and so on . The largest supply of music equipment I have ever seen . I was treated like royalty during this tour . Then it was off to St Louis for my radio interview on 100.7 The Viper . The Viper had an open house the day of my interview . I got to co-host with Dj Fish . This was The Afternoon Road Rage . From 5pm -6pm . We also spun my song Girl Like You for the listeners . Our interview was exciting and hilarious . I think if I could get more station like this to invite me in as a guest then I could become a household name . I had also performed Live at a record store in The Loop called Vintage Vinyl . I played my new material for the people of STL . They seemed to really love my music . What a successful trip to St Louis . I also visited the Arch and took a tour at Budweiser . The freshly brewed beer was awesome . Then it was off to Nashville . I was included to sing a Christmas song for the labels on music row . I sang Please Come Home For Christmas by Don Henley . I had my right hand man Mic Bez on guitar . He did a wonderful job .The crowd really loved my singing on this number . One man told me how he thought I really put some awesome blues into the song . I met a lot of new friends at this Nashville Universe Event . Now I'm back home in Michigan preparing for my next performance that will be at Kerby's bar in Maple City , Michigan . This is in the traverse City area . Then I will be off to play The House of Guitars in Rochester New York . I really need to get airtime at Sirius XM Radio . Please request me at The Spectrum . On twitter its @SXMSpectrum or on facebook . I wish I had some backing for all of these events . Everything I do is out my own pocket . This really makes traveling difficult . The people always love my shows and are always so engaged in all my songs . I especially need a van or a bus . I have been traveling in my 2011 Chevy Impala . It has almost 200k miles on it now . I have to haul all of my equipment in this vehicle so there is hardly room for us . But I have to do what I have to do to succeed . I'm doing awesome and I will keep on movin on ! Well that's all I have to say for now . Please keep requesting and rocking The KBK !

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