Metro Arts Detroit on PBS with Kevin B Klein

I had recently had a shoot with WSU Metro Arts Detroit for a segment on PBS . I was voted in to appear for this taping by the crew at WSU ( Wayne State University ) . I was told by one of the producers of this show that they had been voting for weeks on a special guest and that I was the number one pick for consecutive weeks . I was really honored by this comment . I take pride in my music and in my songwriting skills . The taping was a brand new experience for me . I was also bound and determined to lay down some great footage for the show . I had performed with my touring guitarist Mic . This was a semi acoustic performance . The crew couldn't believe the sound quality coming from just two people and not a full band . I have to give props to Electro- Voice ! I used my own P.A. equipment for the filming . I always sing through my EV 510 condenser microphone for live performances . I had also used my brand new EV ZLX 12" powered speaker cabinets . They give my vocals a great full and balanced sound . So needless to say I was rockin ! It didn't take us much longer than a couple hours to get this segment completed and I really cant wait to see it on PBS channel 56 Detroit . Since I was born in Detroit this was really special for me. The crew was amazing . What a bunch of talented individuals and beautiful people that I had the honor to work with for the day . I really appreciate the support from my city and from all of you . You keep my torch burning bright ! KBK

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