Indie Music - Kevin B Klein - Nashville Recording Rock Artist

Hello America and World . I am Kevin B Klein . I was born in Detroit in the late 60's . Home of Motown ! I grew up outside of Detroit . Always musically oriented . I had a passion to sing from an early age . In my teens I finally got my hands on my first guitar . That's when the song writing had begun . Played the local bar scene in Detroit for a short time and then life stepped in . I returned to the music scene with a vengeance in 2011 . I started by writing my first demo album called The Only One . Then from there I knew I had to make my move . If I were going to be successful in the music industry I knew I had to go to Nashville  to follow my dream . This is where my dreams became reality. I met up with a fabulous musician there that really helped me make my dreams of becoming a real musician and songwriter come to life . He is an accomplished musician who has played with some of the biggest artists in the industry . His name is Dave Baker . Dave is my producer and my guitarist on my debut album  " Good Day To Be Alive " . Dave is also currently playing for country artist Kellie Pickler . Her claim to fame came to her through the popular TV Show  American Idol . So I am very proud to be working with Dave on my project and career as an Indie Artist. We are trying to get our band of all freelance / studio musicians out on the road . My album / songs speaks volumes . I feel now with a little luck I can make my move to the next level in this business. My album is available on my website for the purchasing of digital downloads or physical copies of Good Day To Be Alive  . We have that throwback 80's rock sound . I am proud to call to call Old School Rock n Roll . Please help us to get out on tour by purchasing our music and or requesting our music on your local mainstream radio stations . I am doing all the promoting for my Indie Band and Indie Music basically all on my own . I hope to become a household name like BonJovi someday . Please help to make my dreams come true . I believe in Paying Forward also . I want to be able to do this through my music sales . We need new music on local radio so please make Kevin B Klein a household name and get my music to go viral . All of my music is positive and uplifting . So please check us out today and start rocking to the best new band in America and World ! KBK  Make your day a " Good Day To Be Alive " .

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