Hello America and World !

 The reproduction of my music is complete and I have added some great new songs to the playlist . I have an Awesome band now and I am proud to call myself a  "Nashville recording artist" . The new recordings are incredible . My music now has a Heavy Metal sound , like the 80's rock bands I have always loved . My ballads are heart crushing. I also have some great dance tunes . A flavor for everybody . My New album will be called , Kevin B Klein " Good Day To Be Alive ". It will be released in a few weeks . My cd release party will be in Nashville , I will post the details soon. I am looking forward to getting my Indie Music played all around the World ! I have never heard or worked with a better group of musicians than the ones I have pulled together for this project . I will also be touring with these fella's . I will introduce all of my bandmates at the release of my new album . We are shooting for April 2013 ! Rock On  KBK !

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