My Michigan , New KBK Song

Hello to all of my people from the Great Lakes State ! I had recently composed an acoustic style song about my homestate of Michigan . This New Song is called     " My Michigan " . This is a tribute to the land where I was born and raised . I live in such a beautiful state and I wanted to share my feelings through my music . Michigan has so many different landscapes . I wanted to share the natural beauty through the video that I'm currently working on . The audio is currently being mastered . I'm really excited to share this song with all of you . I will be posting it on my website soon . I'm currently working on setting up a press conference for this release . Many local radio stations and news outlets are very interested in this song . This is the song for all who love Michigan ! This is a very folky / whimsical feeling song with some amazing guitar playing . I recorded this song using my twelve string in my home studio in Michigan .Something out of the ordinary from me . This is a song to have fun with . A great song to sing along to . I hope this song captures a lot of attention and creates a new image musically for my beautiful state . I'm really hoping that the Pure Michigan Travel Guide  will be interested in my new work .  I have some great expectations for this new theme song . I'll try and get this song up A.S.A.P. . As an artist I have to execute this release so that it blows up the commercial music scene for the travel industry. I have the hopes that many Michigan based companies will be interested in using my song for advertisement . Hopefully it makes it into some TV commercials . So in closing I just have to say that I am very excited and very proud of this song . Now to work on the artwork for this new single for cdbaby . Make everyday a Good day To Be alive . KBK

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