KBK Performing live on Balcony TV Kentucky

We have some great plans set for this coming Sunday . My boys and I will be heading down to Lexington , Kentucky to perform my song called Good Day To Be Alive , on Balcony TV Kentucky . This will be the second song that I will have performed for Balcony TV . My first performance for Balcony TV was in Nashville where my song called Only In My Dreams , made #1 world wide twice and stayed at #1 for all of 2016 . This is a really great way of promoting your music if you are an Independent Artist . I always tell other musicians that  you have to write good music to make it in this business . If you can write then you will have a better chance of making it big in my opinion . I know so many fantastic musicians that I wish would take this advice . I believe in chasing your child like dreams . You have to believe to achieve . I wouldn't be where I'm at in this industry if I didn't take such a crazy chance in gambling on my future . I'm really sure glad I let my past life die and decided on living for my future . I now have a great album called Good Day To Be Alive and will soon be recording my second full album in Nashville this year . Rock n Roll is alive and well in our imaginations . We have to give this music life so the people of the future will be able to enjoy our music as the classic rock of our era . I'll keep everyone posted on when this Balcony TV episode will air . Until then keep on shooting Kevin B Klein music on facebook the likes and keep our dreams alive . KBK

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