Re-mixes and Re-masters Time Well Spent In Nashville

I just wanted to write a blog on the incredible success that I had on my last trip to Nashville . I had planned a trip for a photo shoot at ESM Studio . This is where I had recorded my Good day To Be alive album  . The photo shoot went amazing and I got to do a number of photos in different outfits and also got to get some killer photo's for Electro-Voice . After the shoot I had run into my engineer that works on my recordings at ESM . Gabe Masterson . I asked Gabe if we could remix my song Black and Blue . He said sure thing so the next morning I showed up at ESM and the process had begun . I must admit the final product is stellar ! I think this song is my new KBK favorite . I will be replacing my current file with this incredible remix. I also decided on doing a club style remix for my song Girl Like You . This is moving along quite well . Its very interesting to say the least . I want my music to hit the masses so anything that I can do to get my music out there without losing my integrity , I'm on it ! I'm in it to win it , you could say . I am also working on getting my music spinning at The Viper in St Louis,Missouri .If you like my music then please request it at your favorite radio stations . My music is out there . I'm an iHeart Radio Artist . Lets get this KBK Nation Rockin ! I'll be talking to you soon and always remember its a Good Day To Be Alive .KBK

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