Fund Raising For My Next Cd Release

Hello America and World !

Play a part in creating the Next KBK Album . The title is going to be called " They Call It Rock n Roll " . I really need to raise the money to fund my next album . If you purchase my current music and or buy my KBK merchandise this will help to further my music goals . I would love to hear from the fans . My music is your music . I see many of you at my live shows and I appreciate all of your support . I'm currently at crunch time , in the making of my next cd release . I want to know what you would like to hear on my next album . Do you want Heavy music ? Do you want more ballads ? Maybe something more groovin ? What ever you think would be a plus . I want to know . Do you like my current music ? This is what I need to know . I need people to attend my live shows and or purchase my music . I want to keep quality rock n roll alive and well in the World Of Music . I love the classic hairband sounds and the over all classic rock sounds . Music that makes a difference . Music that makes you feel alive ! Please help me to reach my goals . I really need the money to make this next chapter happen for KBK . I have some great new material . Very commercial and very powerful . All I ask is  for you to buy my music and share your input . I'm doing this for you the fans . I am music and music is me . This is my passion . As you can tell if you listen to my current album entitled Good day To be Alive . I have the greatest fans in the world and I want to continue to keep this dream alive ! I write the songs that I sing for you . So please help me in any way shape or form to make the Next KBK Cd release a reality . Once again the title will be " They Call It Rock n Roll " . So please keep the music alive ! I would also ask you to request me on your favorite stations . If the stations don't know who KBK is , then let them know who I am and what they're missing . KBK

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