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I am currently working with an awesome new guitarist that I have met via Youtube . This guitarist seeked me out and left a contact number . I met up with him and we have awesome chemistry together . His name is Svenle and he is from Switzerland . He has such great guitar skills , he has a Heavy Metal style and a classical background.I think he will be a asset to my music . We are currently working on my song " Girl Like You " for reproduction . I will be reproducing in Nashville in March 2013. I will be putting a bit more edge to this song to give it more of a Heavy Metal feel to it . My song  " Girl Like You "  is currently getting aired in New York on an internet station called Oldies plus . net   . The DJ , Nick Haag, from this station aired my song  "Girl Like You"  and said his listening audience loved it  !  Thank you Nick !I am excited for you to hear the changes . I will keep you updated on our progress . KBK

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