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Well I have been working on some new material for my new release. I have just completed another cool song for my project. It has a little political message in it , but I think it's cool . I am bringing what I can to the table, so we will see what songs make the cut. I am thinking of creating somewhat of a dance tune also.The song will either be a remix of one of my existing songs or what the heck, I could whip up another hit out ! I am really looking forward to reproducing all my songs in the Nashville studio with these real great producers and fabulous musicians . I think my songs are really great ! Deserving of a grammy with a little work .I write from the heart . I stay true to my songs and my music. In less than a couple weeks we will be cutting this new work. I can't wait . I will keep everybody posted on when the music will be released . Talk to you soon. KBK

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