Todays music industry and the fans

Hello America and World !

I have been on a musical journey for the past eight years . I have written and recorded one album . I'm currently trying to raise funds for the recording of my second album . This is not an easy task with the way the music industry has changed . It's so hard for good artists to get air time and even harder to sell their music . People can download any music that they want from internet sites for free . How this is fair to any of the music makers is beyond me . I write all of my music . It comes from my soul and has value to me . It must have monetary value if others say they love it . I really want to keep moving forward and keep writing hit sounding songs . It's so difficult because I'm banking myself . Venues never want to pay any of the musicians . I don't get that . We as songwriters and musicians have a never ending job of writing songs and practicing to perfection . I for one love performing live . I always use to think that great musicians were all rich , I was so mistaken. When I get out and perform , I look at the listeners . I see the emotion on their faces . No matter what city I play in . The people always make me perform to my fullest ability when I see that they are engaged with my music . I want to take them on a musical journey and help them lose track of all reality . I find it very confusing that with all of this greatness that music can supply for ones soul , to most people this still has no value . So I ask my self this question , why do I write music ? The answer is , I write music to make the world a better place . This is something that God put me on earth to do for the greater good of all humanity . This is what I feel inside and what I do best . I ask all of you who support the arts and believe in the power of music to help me with my next album . Please buy my cd entitled Good day To Be Alive or download a song of mine from my website or iTunes . Buy my merchandise to help me make this next cd a reality . Just email me at  for t shirts or koozies  . I would never ask for a handout . I have great music and cool merchandise . Music is not my hobby , it's my day job . My only source of income . Please help support my music . Without your help I cannot continue to follow my dream . It's really a drag that we need money to succeed but that's life as we know it . I know my music is a necessity in this day and age . So please do what you can to keep the music alive . Do your part so we can do ours . Life without music would not be the life I would ever choose . KBK

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