Summer is comin !

Please help to get my band on a summer / 2014 tour by purchasing our music from this website , buying KBK merchandise here and or requesting our music where ever and when ever you can . Our music is in many U.S. rock radio stations . I promote our music on facebook and twitter constantly . I want to perform for you . Please Request our song " Born To Be Free  " as much as possible before the 4th of July . I wrote this song for all who have served our country and for the American Dream . Our Freedom Rocks ! This is the youtube link for " Born To Be Free " .


We really need all your help to get us on tour . Without our great fans we are just another band . I feel we are special and unique with our relatable  original songs . We are also looking for sponsors too . If you can help in any way please do :-) Help KBK Rock The Nation ! Its a Good Day To Be Alive , KBK

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