Omelette and friends , live KBK appearance update , WKLT Traverse City

We had a great time at the Pre-Thanksgiving Day Party at WKLT Traverse City . I was live on the Omelette and friends morning show  from 7am-10am with many other guests . We had a total Riot!  The antics never cease but we assist :-P  The theme of this Thanksgiving Day Party was  also Crazy Sweater Day . I wore some pretty goofy looking duds . Between the long hair and the girlie looking shirt , I kinda felt like I looked like somebodies crazy aunt . lol  Everybody has one of those :-) My girl made a poster for the station with pics from 2014 KLT events  .The staff loved it . We also brought some gifts for some of the staff to show appreciation . I would love to give a great big Thank You to Omelette , Rick Coates and to the Programing Director Terri Ray for letting me play a part in such awesome events at the station and for also spinning my jams ! . I met some incredible peopleon the air . The people of Traverse City Rock !



KBK on air at 97.5 WKLT fm Traverse City


   Omelette       -     KBK   -      Rick Coates


    Omelette        -       KBK      -        Cali Girl

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