Kevin B Klein , #KBK , New Music with an old school rock sound

I'm always looking for a better way to get my music heard across the United States and Canada . I have really good promotional ethics and skills . I think good music should really sell itself . I started writing music because I was sick and tired of hearing the same songs get overplayed on the radio , day after day . I wanted to create something fresh and new but very relatable . This is why my music has the sound that it owns . All of my songs are written by yours truly . I have some killer new music for my next album . All of my new music is quite different . Just the way they are on my Good Day To be Alive cd . I really want to hit a wide listening audience . I really need cd and download sales . I want to be well known around the world like my hero of rock n roll , Bonjovi . Well those are just my thoughts for the day . Please comment on my comments page . I love hearing from you . The people who really matter :-) KBK

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