KBK Meets Kenny Olson At SoulShine Pizza in Nashville

Last nights adventures got pretty awesome I must admit . After playing an acoustic gig we headed down to grab a bite to eat with a couple awesome friends from our home state of Michigan . The it was over to SoulShine Pizza to see Kenny Olson perform live with his band . Those guys tore  it up ! What a pleasure to see such a tight playing band with an incredible sound . Every band member was spot on and what a stellar performance ! After their last song I got to meet Kenny Olson in person . Kenny use to play guitar for Kid Rock . The man has mad skills ! Kenny is also originally from Michigan and what a gentleman . He was so kind to us and I felt like I had known him for years . I hope to maybe do some material with him sometime in the future . That would be too cool ! I also ran into Scot Bihlman from Grinder Blues . Another musician originally from Michigan . Scot is the drummer for this awesome band . Good to see some people fighting to make our music scene an incredible place to enjoy ! This brotherhood of musicians in Nashville is the best ! Thank you for a stellar night of awesomeness :-) KBK






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