KBK meets John Anderson , Jared Blake and Herman Moore

I had an exciting weekend last Friday . I was the winner of a contest run by The Nashville Universe . I won tickets to see country legend John Anderson in concert . I also got to go back stage and meet him and snap a few photo's with him . What a cool guy ! He put on an awesome concert in Detroit at the Masonic Temple . This temple is the largest temple in the world . Its very old and it looked really nice also :-) I also got to meet Jared Blake from the tv show The Voice . He really rocked the house . I also got to meet him in person too . He was really down to earth and very cool . Then at the same venue the same night I met Herman Moore back stage . Herman Moore is one of our Detroit Lions . Herman is a huge celebrity in the sports world and in Detroit . He looked like a gladiator standing next to me , lol . What an awesome guy with a great personality . It was such an honor meeting all of these incredible talents . I love playing a part in the music industry , it has been taking me to some wonderful places ! I will post some photo's below from last weekends events . KBK

This is a pic of KBK and John Anderson


This is KBK and Jared Blake



This is a pic of KBK and Detroit Lion Herman Moore


KBK at Masonic Temple in Detroit

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