KBK interview This Sunday at 9pm on Northern Michigan's WKLT 's Garage with Terri Ray , Traverse Cit

Hey everybody ! KBK is hitting mainstream rock radio on Northern Michigan's WKLT Traverse City with Terri Ray on KLT's Garage . I'm sharing the link so you can tune in to this Killer Interview this Sunday at 9pm . I will be discussing how my songs came to be . We picked six of my songs for this discussion . I think this makes the music that much more interesting . Getting to know the true meaning of what the artist was thinking when writing the song can be a real eye opener . WKLT is my home station and they are helping to put me on the map . I really appreciate everything they do for me as an artist . Please tune in for this awesome show this Sunday at 9pm . It will be the best half hour of your week !


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