Ghost Ship of Lake Superior

Hello America and World ! I was recently in Michigan's Upper Peninsula recording video for a new song that I just wrote about my home state of Michigan . We were out recording video footage for two days . My friend and photographer Jason Asselin had taken us all over the U.P. for some prime footage . We decided to stop and visit Presque Isle for some still shots and to enjoy the the sunset . Then out of the blue we spotted this object out on the water , quite a ways off shore . I asked Jason if he knew what it was . He said no and was quick with his lens to zoom in what we were looking at . Jason hit record . The object vanished into thin air . We previewed this sighting which we now believe to be a #GhostShip ! This was so amazing . Jason had posted this video on youtube and the video went viral.We all witnessed an amazing event ! Be sure to be watching for the video we were originally working on . My song is entitled #MyMichigan . This song is about the some of the most beautiful places in my state . I hope it will attract many to the place that I call home . Thank you Jason Asselin for the killer footage . Now to put thing together and get this song dropped ! Until then enjoy the video Ghost Ship in Lake Superior ! KBK


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