December update

Well it is now December . I will be heading down to Nashville for a Christmas visit and I will be visiting my friends at VRadio Nashville

 This station plays our music on a daily basis . I will also be visiting my friend and engineer Gabe Masterson . I am sure I will hit some Karaoke bars and maybe even the studio  that I recorded our album at which is

I have met some awesome people in Nashville and plan on making alot of new friends like always . Always a good time in music city . Everywhere I go I promote promote promote my music . I hope the Good Lord keeps on blessing me with great success in this industry . I wouldn't mind a Killer record deal for Christmas . Well I will also be hitting up some radio stations along the way , College  Radio and Mainstream Radio . The sky is always the limit ! I will also be hitting Florida in my travels . I will be going to Casey Key , yeah baby ! Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year  , everybody ! KBK

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