KBK update !

Hello America and World ! 

           I wanted to update you all on my going on's ! First off we are looking good in the Open For Bonjovi Contest in Detroit at the Joe Louis Arena on March 29th. We are currently at 1.5k likes and hundreds of shares. I'll share the link below so if you want to give us a like then you will be able to help us win . We have also recorded our episode in Kentucky this past weekend for Balcony TV . My band slayed it ! The episode will air on February 22 on Youtube  . I'll post the link when our video is up . Within the next couple weeks , we will be going live on the radio in Traverse City . We'll be on TC's Rock Station Bob FM , The Krystal Frost Show on AM Radio and we will also be on Omelette Radio on podcast . I'll give you a heads up on these dates .





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