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I love this music everyone owes it to themselves to give the songs a listen
Great music. Very impressive rock and roll.
Love this music I can't wait for the new CD
Love this music so much I just can't hear enough absolutely great music
Hey I just want to thank you for giving us your cd at the europe show in cleveland!!! I just love it!!!!I haven't been so excited about a new music in a very long time.I'll tell anyone I know to check out your site!! I love rock and roll and their hasn't been any in a long time.. I kind of like the band wayland i saw open for jackyl but their cd only has one good song. Hope you can tour I would love to see a show!I can't stress enough have much I love these songs!!! Thanks Radar
Just want to give a shout out to my Rockstar neighbor KBK! You've worked for so long and hard for such an amazing opportunity! You have the voice many would dream to have! You've givin me inspiration to realize dreams do come true when you work your a** off for them! Keep the neighborhood rocking and keep following those dreams brotha! Proud of ya!
Congrats on your Electro-voice Endorsement. You Rock. This is so amazing. You are the voice.
Just wanted to stop in and say how much I love you guys and so excited about all the new opportunities that you have been given. Keep on rocking and looking forward to getting your CD's to the UK. You guys are so awesome!!!!!
Congrats on your Fireball sponsorship ! You rock. Don't stop Believing.
Hey Kevin. It was a pleasure meeting you at Whiskey Bent last night. Enjoyed your performance - Great stuff! Continued success! KBK rocks!
you dont know how much the song heaven touches my heart thank you i listen to it every morning its so touching
we met you at rock on the range-- me and craig. we loved the cd.... got to get together again!!! loved meeting and hanging out with you guys!
Love Love Love KBK.......a Kleiner for LIFE!
Kevin , you had 57 fans , at the time I discovered your great songs.I could see your music will be in the hearts of many.Time has passed and you have made a lot of progress,since I became your 58th fan.Your songs would spread ,through out the U.S. faster, if you could get on radio.You are a friend of Bobby and Stacey of Detroit.Get in touch with them and maybe they can find a way of getting your music ,to the public.Keep on Rockin and Best Wishes for a great future.
I love you so much I'm your most genuine fan that I think you can possibly get. Your voice makes my ears feel like heaven, and your sole grasping lyrics make me feel horny almost all day. Every day I listen to you in the morning and it makes my day all day:). KBK ROCKS!
You are awesome!! Can't wait to hear you live in concert in Michigan!!!
Hey Kevin! I just had to say your awesome!!! You recently came to the Antiques Gallery in Salem, MA and you gave me your card and told me to check you out. Well I did and I think your amazing! Can't wait to get the CD. Any chance I could get a signed copy?
Kevin, you totally rock we love you and your music keep it coming :)
Good luck with everything you do . Terry Ilous
Hi Kevin, great tunes, go on with the good work. Was really nice talking to ya today. Hopefully we'll have a chance in the future to meet personally, even in Germany or the US. Good luck, brother. Cheers from Berlin, Germany. Rocking Earl Mike
I'm a new employee at Marathon Automotive with your brother-in-law! He showed me your music! Keep up the good work!
Great music my friend.
Kevin, you sound fantastic. Sorry we didn't meet at the Atkinson benefit. Though I was busy in the serving line, I could still hear you! I love your music!
hi Kevin talked w Mark G today and just had to check out the final versions of your songs sounds great see you at Markie`s grad party >^..^<
Yes, it has been worth the wait!!! :)
congrats Kevin on the new album.. Wish you the best and from the first time we talked at AZ i cant believe how far you have come...
love this web site. excellent job. my favorite is ''heaven'' it is truly heavenly. rock on kbk. love to you both.
love your web site. my favorite is ''heaven'' it is truly heavenly.
love the web site. my favorite is '' heaven'' every time i hear it i cry. kbk to the rescue. love you both.
rock n roll
I love the new website KBK!! I had the pleasure of hearing the rough cuts of "Good Day to be Alive" and they are killer. Every song on this CD is different and your band kicks ass. Your music is outstanding - Love it!!
Nice Post. ---------- I love http://youtube.com
awsome cd i listened for the first time you have a style all your own best of luck nicky you found an awsome better half love you guys!!
Kick ass page dudes!
This music rocks. I heard the new release "Christmas time in our Universe" This is the most rockin' Christmas toon since Rockin' around the Christmas Tree! For sure to be a classic for years to come. Keep the music coming!!! You are very talented and I can not wait to hear what music you will be doing next! Rock on with your bad self!!
Keep Rockin Sweets! Can't wait to see ya in the fall!! Good luck!
Hey Kevin, I met you getting hay for my horses. Your music is great! This is my kind of stuff. Glad that this is around. We need to see more kind of music like this. Good tunes.
Awesome job on the website. the songs rock hard to choose a fave...but Shake Shake needs a big mention ;) will love to hear more from you and that kickass voice of yours. Rock On!!!!!
You songs are amazing, just like the person who wrote them. Hope to see you and your beautiful wife in Cleveland soon.
Awesome music Kevin ! You can make me laugh and cry over and over in the same song. Good luck with your musical adventures!
<3 this guy! Can't wait to me you guys!
Awesome site Kevin! Stopped by to say hey from Cincinnati, keep up the great work! here is nothing conceptually better than Rock 'n' Roll. ~John Lennon
Hi there , nice site and i love your music my favorite song is Heaven but you already know that . <3 love all the way from Sweden . can´t wait till you come out with your second cd . love and peace
very cool sweets! Keep that cute smile going!!wink wink;)
Kevin has the most awesome pipes, love the music, all the songs are differant and dont have the same sound, i expect this cd to go Big, my favs. are Girl Like You, Shake shake, heaven,In my Dreams, and the rest, cant wait to hear what he has on the plate next!
This is a great rocking CD. I love the way you write and your voice is phenonminal. My favorite songs are Gil like you, Only in my dreams, Shake Shake, Heaven, Girl in the rain, Little things and the Only One, Innocent Girl and Don't go away. I can not wait until you release your next CD!!! Keep on Rockin me baby!!