On Saturday April 21st Record Store Day KBK rocked The House Of Guitars in Rochester , New York . This was a day of live music and vinyl record sales . Everybody loves the classics . This is the reason why I think people really get into my music . I have that relatable old school rock sound , still sounding like no other band . I have an open invitation to play the House Of Guitars at anytime . The owners of this Killer Guitar store really love me and my music . They treat me like royalty and I really dig that . I love those folks and their awesome staff . We had a really good day . The House was packed full of people that were ready to rock . Everybody stayed for our performance . People were coming out of the woodwork and grooving to my songs . I met so many nice people that day and my guitarist got a really good deal on a guitar pedal . Our Fender rep always takes good care of us . By the way it was Fender day at the HOG also . I got to perform for a strong 45 minutes . I played all of my original music and received rave reviews from the listeners and the other bands . There were some killer acts performing that day also . One band did an excellent set of all Beatles songs . I have so much more planned for this year . I will be returning to the HOG again this summer for an outdoor performance . I will be posting our Michigan shows very soon also . It's truly a Good day To Be alive :-) KBK



Hello America and Lexington , Michigan ! KBK is coming to Rock Your Socks Off ! My boys and I will be Performing Live at the Village Pub , right next to the Lexington Theater  . This is going to be a Fireball Whisky Party . So come out and score some swag and rock with us :-)  The Village Pub is the coolest venue that I have ever played in , in Michigan's Thumb Area . It's right on Lake Huron by the pier . This is a show that you're not going to want to miss . Come early and spend the day and enjoy the sun by the beach too. This place totally rocks !  KBK



Click link for WGRT 102.3 Port Huron Interview


Come Check Out Village Pub Facebook Page


Currently we are sitting at 2.1k likes in the Open for Bonjovi contest in Detroit . Our fans are really doing their part to get us on stage at Joe Louis Arena . We need the votes to keep flowing in ! It's easy to help us achieve this dream gig. Just click the link below and hit the like button then enjoy my song entitled Good Day To Be Alive . I really appreciate all of the shares also . The more people it reaches the better our chances are of winning ! Please Help Us Get The Win . KBK 


Hello America and World ! 

           I wanted to update you all on my going on's ! First off we are looking good in the Open For Bonjovi Contest in Detroit at the Joe Louis Arena on March 29th. We are currently at 1.5k likes and hundreds of shares. I'll share the link below so if you want to give us a like then you will be able to help us win . We have also recorded our episode in Kentucky this past weekend for Balcony TV . My band slayed it ! The episode will air on February 22 on Youtube  . I'll post the link when our video is up . Within the next couple weeks , we will be going live on the radio in Traverse City . We'll be on TC's Rock Station Bob FM , The Krystal Frost Show on AM Radio and we will also be on Omelette Radio on podcast . I'll give you a heads up on these dates .





I would like to give everyone an update on how my band is doing in the Open Up For Bonjovi In Detroit Contest . It has been less than a week for us in this contest . The last time I checked , we were at 1.2k likes . We have had so many fans sharing my band video for this contest on facebook and twitter nonstop from the start . Please help us to reach our goal to get to open for this Rock n Roll Icon ! Please click the link below and give us a like and a share . The song in the video is my original work :-) It's my title track of my cd :-) let's rock Detroit with KBK! 


We have some great plans set for this coming Sunday . My boys and I will be heading down to Lexington , Kentucky to perform my song called Good Day To Be Alive , on Balcony TV Kentucky . This will be the second song that I will have performed for Balcony TV . My first performance for Balcony TV was in Nashville where my song called Only In My Dreams , made #1 world wide twice and stayed at #1 for all of 2016 . This is a really great way of promoting your music if you are an Independent Artist . I always tell other musicians that  you have to write good music to make it in this business . If you can write then you will have a better chance of making it big in my opinion . I know so many fantastic musicians that I wish would take this advice . I believe in chasing your child like dreams . You have to believe to achieve . I wouldn't be where I'm at in this industry if I didn't take such a crazy chance in gambling on my future . I'm really sure glad I let my past life die and decided on living for my future . I now have a great album called Good Day To Be Alive and will soon be recording my second full album in Nashville this year . Rock n Roll is alive and well in our imaginations . We have to give this music life so the people of the future will be able to enjoy our music as the classic rock of our era . I'll keep everyone posted on when this Balcony TV episode will air . Until then keep on shooting Kevin B Klein music on facebook the likes and keep our dreams alive . KBK

We are currently in a contest to open for Bonjovi in Detroit at Joe Louis Arena . We just entered this contest 3 days ago and we are up to over 1,000 likes so far. We have had so many shares that I have lost count . This is awesome . The Heat Is On ! Please visit this site and throw us a like and a share . We need this win ! Please help get me to perform my original material for my favorite band in my birth place of Detroit ! We can't do it without you !!!! KBK 


Hello America and world ! 

             KBK is now entered in a contest to open for Bonjovi in Detroit on March 29th . Please click the link below and give us a like and please share it to all of your social media sources . We really need this win . I have been a long time fan of this band since the very begining . Jon Bonjovi was a huge inspiration for me as a singer / songwriter . It would be a dream come true to open for my favorite band in my place of birth . I have never performed in an arena so this would be huge for my band and I . Please help me out and like and share on FaceBook / Twitter / Instagram and so on . Thank you KBK


 Just Released ! Please come and listen to my New Single entitled " My Michigan  "! This song is available on Cdbaby ( download only)  . Please download this song now for 99 cents . If you love Michigan , then you are going to love this folky whimsical song . I wrote this song to celebrate my home state . I want people to love The Great Lakes and everything in between . I hope you enjoy my beautiful new song :-) KBK



What a way to start off the week ! Being nominated for songwriter of the year in the NashvilleUniverse and then leaving with a brand new Gretsch Guitars ! Does it get any better ? We also spent the next day at The Grand Ole Opry for the #CMACountryChristmas Special ! Look for us when you watch it on tv . We were up in the balcony in the front I would really like to thank the Nashville Universe for believing in me and for pulling me into their circle of stars . This truly ...the greatest honor for me . I get to hang with some of Nashville's very best artist and industry people . This memory will be etched in my mind as one of the greatest trips ever ! Receiving the Guitar is more than a material object for me . It's a symbol of dedication and perseverance . Believe in yourself and follow your dreams . They will take you places farther than your wildest dreams ! KBK


Thank You Nashville Universe For Supporting Me As An Artist  ! " There is no greater universe " KBK

A special Thank You to #GruntStyle for hooking me up with the " Don't Tread On Me " T'shirt , this is the shirt that I wore for the Nashville Universe Awards Show !   KBK

Hello to all of my people from the Great Lakes State ! I had recently composed an acoustic style song about my homestate of Michigan . This New Song is called     " My Michigan " . This is a tribute to the land where I was born and raised . I live in such a beautiful state and I wanted to share my feelings through my music . Michigan has so many different landscapes . I wanted to share the natural beauty through the video that I'm currently working on . The audio is currently being mastered . I'm really excited to share this song with all of you . I will be posting it on my website soon . I'm currently working on setting up a press conference for this release . Many local radio stations and news outlets are very interested in this song . This is the song for all who love Michigan ! This is a very folky / whimsical feeling song with some amazing guitar playing . I recorded this song using my twelve string in my home studio in Michigan .Something out of the ordinary from me . This is a song to have fun with . A great song to sing along to . I hope this song captures a lot of attention and creates a new image musically for my beautiful state . I'm really hoping that the Pure Michigan Travel Guide  will be interested in my new work .  I have some great expectations for this new theme song . I'll try and get this song up A.S.A.P. . As an artist I have to execute this release so that it blows up the commercial music scene for the travel industry. I have the hopes that many Michigan based companies will be interested in using my song for advertisement . Hopefully it makes it into some TV commercials . So in closing I just have to say that I am very excited and very proud of this song . Now to work on the artwork for this new single for cdbaby . Make everyday a Good day To Be alive . KBK

Hello America and World ! I was recently in Michigan's Upper Peninsula recording video for a new song that I just wrote about my home state of Michigan . We were out recording video footage for two days . My friend and photographer Jason Asselin had taken us all over the U.P. for some prime footage . We decided to stop and visit Presque Isle for some still shots and to enjoy the the sunset . Then out of the blue we spotted this object out on the water , quite a ways off shore . I asked Jason if he knew what it was . He said no and was quick with his lens to zoom in what we were looking at . Jason hit record . The object vanished into thin air . We previewed this sighting which we now believe to be a #GhostShip ! This was so amazing . Jason had posted this video on youtube and the video went viral.We all witnessed an amazing event ! Be sure to be watching for the video we were originally working on . My song is entitled #MyMichigan . This song is about the some of the most beautiful places in my state . I hope it will attract many to the place that I call home . Thank you Jason Asselin for the killer footage . Now to put thing together and get this song dropped ! Until then enjoy the video Ghost Ship in Lake Superior ! KBK



I'm proud to announce that KBK has now teamed up with Grunt Style Apparel . This company is owned and operated by our Veterans . Please check out their site and purchase some killer apparel . Now that Grunt Style is endorsing one of the greatest new rock artists in the United States , looks like it's time to Lock n Load the Rock n Roll ! I'll be flying the flag high at all of my shows for this killer company ! It's such an honor to be getting endorsed by these successful Veterans . We should all thank them all for their service by supporting their business . They have some really terrific patriotic apparel . By supporting this company it's a win win . You will be wearing your love for our country made by those who sacrificed so much for our freedom . Thank you Grunt Style from KBK for your service and for supporting this rocker ! KBK


I'll be heading up to Michigan's Upper Peninsula to video record a song about my home state . I was born in Michigan and I still reside in this beautiful state . I'm currently writing a song to celebrate the beauty and intrigue of The Great Lakes State . This is my Michigan and I love it here . This song will take you across my homeland and show you around . I have been traveling a lot across Michigan performing for our Veterans . I have been discovering so many beautiful places along my travels . So why not celebrate this adventure through a song . When it's completed I will put it up here on my site . Wish me luck ! This is going to be a tall order and a fantastic new journey for me . Talk to you soon ! KBK 

Hello America and World !

Play a part in creating the Next KBK Album . The title is going to be called " They Call It Rock n Roll " . I really need to raise the money to fund my next album . If you purchase my current music and or buy my KBK merchandise this will help to further my music goals . I would love to hear from the fans . My music is your music . I see many of you at my live shows and I appreciate all of your support . I'm currently at crunch time , in the making of my next cd release . I want to know what you would like to hear on my next album . Do you want Heavy music ? Do you want more ballads ? Maybe something more groovin ? What ever you think would be a plus . I want to know . Do you like my current music ? This is what I need to know . I need people to attend my live shows and or purchase my music . I want to keep quality rock n roll alive and well in the World Of Music . I love the classic hairband sounds and the over all classic rock sounds . Music that makes a difference . Music that makes you feel alive ! Please help me to reach my goals . I really need the money to make this next chapter happen for KBK . I have some great new material . Very commercial and very powerful . All I ask is  for you to buy my music and share your input . I'm doing this for you the fans . I am music and music is me . This is my passion . As you can tell if you listen to my current album entitled Good day To be Alive . I have the greatest fans in the world and I want to continue to keep this dream alive ! I write the songs that I sing for you . So please help me in any way shape or form to make the Next KBK Cd release a reality . Once again the title will be " They Call It Rock n Roll " . So please keep the music alive ! I would also ask you to request me on your favorite stations . If the stations don't know who KBK is , then let them know who I am and what they're missing . KBK

 #HelpSupportTheArts  #KeepTheMusicAlive #MusicHasValue  #HelpKBKFundTheNewMusic #KevinBKlein

I'm so proud to be able to say that I'm getting endorsement from my favorite energy drink . Rip It Energy drink . This is a great company with a stellar product . This drink gets me fueled up for my live shows or anytime I need a boost . It's a fantastic wake me up for when I'm feeling drained . I love how focused I feel when chugging down this killer product . Watch for Rip It Energy at my upcoming live performances . I will be flying the Rip It Energy flag high ! Let Kevin B Klein Music and Rip It Energy be your motivation . There's nothing you can't do once you're fueled up with the very best ! KBK

You aren't going to want to miss this show ! I will be performing with my right hand man Mic Bez at Guitarman's Ruff-Cut Music in Germfask , Michigan . I'll be showing off gear and giving some major shout outs to my endorsers . This is the best music store in our Upper Peninsula ! I plan on hanging out as long as my fans keep me there . I'm so looking forward to checking out all of their music merch and plucking on some guitars . I'll be talking about my upcoming shows and what's to come for KBK music . I have big plans for the next album . The future is looking so bright . The fans are loving my old school retro 80's rockin sound . All the music feels and sounds current but has that take me back sound we all love . Music has value . This is who I am and what I do . I hope to see you all in the North Country for a rockin good time. KBK



Come party with us at Heck's Bar !

KBK will performing live in Kinde , Michigan at Heck's bar in the tip of Michigan's thumb . Close to Port Austin . We'll also be having a beach party . This show is to raise money for our Veterans . KBK

Check It Out !

           I had finally made my debut on Detroit TV . I was filmed for a segment on WSU Metro Arts Detroit . This is a fantastic show featuring some of Detroit's most talented people . Since I was born in Detroit , this was extra special for me . A dream come true . I got to perform two of my original songs and got to do a short interview . The crew was absolutely fantastic . I would like to thank everybody involved in this project . You Guys Rock ! My segment is toward the end of the program . I hope you enjoy it as much as I did while I was performing at this awesome event . This was a life event for me . KBK



Check out this Killer New Video . Just released on Balcony TV Nashville . This was filmed on the rooftop of the Hard Rock Café . I have my co-producer Leland Grant on acoustic guitar and my Michigan guitarist Mic Bez on the electric guitar . This is a song that I had written for my parents in memory of my father . I was a little choked up in the beginning of the video . Music should always come from the heart . This is a powerful song about love and life . I hope you all will enjoy this video . KBK



Hello America and World ! This 4th of July I will be performing live at the Algonac Pickerel Festival ! You will also get to see my friend Billy James Brady perform live . Billy is a singer / songwriter from Michigan like me :-) Thanks to Billy I will be performing at this Killer Event for the people of St Clair County , Michigan. I live in The Great Lakes State and I'm proud of it ! Let keep America a free country and celebrate our independence . Freedom will be ringing out loud with my opening song  " Born To Be free " . Come out and party with us and score some FIREBALL WHISKY SWAG . KBK Rocking in the free world ! KBK


On  Friday July 8th at 8:30 pm until 12:30 am . I will be performing my greatest songs in Manistique , Michigan at the Manistique Folk Festival . I'm so looking forward to performing in our Upper Peninsula for the people of Manistique .  This is going to be a high energy rocking good time ! I'm so honored to be sharing my music in my home state for this event . I'll be writing about this event in my column in UP Magazine . I'm sure I'll have many great stories to tell . Please come up and party with us if you're in the area . You will not be disappointed . you will be rocking with the best ! Come and party with us and score some FIREBALL WHISKY SWAG ! KBK

I will be performing Live this Friday with my side kick Wild mic Bez ! We will be cranking out the KBK tunes in Interlochen , Michigan . If you live in Northern Michigan then come out to see what all the buzz is about . I'll be performing many of my new songs . I will also be performing my songs from the Killer release Good day to be Alive ! KBK



Like I said come on out and party with us ! If you like the Old School Sounds , the Real Rock n Roll ! We will be playing from 6pm until 9 pm

I will be performing Live at Higgins Lake ! Saluting Our Military June 4th at the Harrison American Legion Post #404 on M-61 just west of Old 27 . The ceremony starts at 3pm . Check out our poster  below for more info!

I'm looking forward to performing for the hero's that keep our United States a Free Country ! May God Bless our Troops and our America ! Freedom isn't free .

Hello America and World !

I have been on a musical journey for the past eight years . I have written and recorded one album . I'm currently trying to raise funds for the recording of my second album . This is not an easy task with the way the music industry has changed . It's so hard for good artists to get air time and even harder to sell their music . People can download any music that they want from internet sites for free . How this is fair to any of the music makers is beyond me . I write all of my music . It comes from my soul and has value to me . It must have monetary value if others say they love it . I really want to keep moving forward and keep writing hit sounding songs . It's so difficult because I'm banking myself . Venues never want to pay any of the musicians . I don't get that . We as songwriters and musicians have a never ending job of writing songs and practicing to perfection . I for one love performing live . I always use to think that great musicians were all rich , I was so mistaken. When I get out and perform , I look at the listeners . I see the emotion on their faces . No matter what city I play in . The people always make me perform to my fullest ability when I see that they are engaged with my music . I want to take them on a musical journey and help them lose track of all reality . I find it very confusing that with all of this greatness that music can supply for ones soul , to most people this still has no value . So I ask my self this question , why do I write music ? The answer is , I write music to make the world a better place . This is something that God put me on earth to do for the greater good of all humanity . This is what I feel inside and what I do best . I ask all of you who support the arts and believe in the power of music to help me with my next album . Please buy my cd entitled Good day To Be Alive or download a song of mine from my website or iTunes . Buy my merchandise to help me make this next cd a reality . Just email me at  kevinbklein@yahoo.com  for t shirts or koozies  . I would never ask for a handout . I have great music and cool merchandise . Music is not my hobby , it's my day job . My only source of income . Please help support my music . Without your help I cannot continue to follow my dream . It's really a drag that we need money to succeed but that's life as we know it . I know my music is a necessity in this day and age . So please do what you can to keep the music alive . Do your part so we can do ours . Life without music would not be the life I would ever choose . KBK

There are only two days left to get the best band entered to perform at Floodfest ! Out of over 1,200 bands I made it up to 3rd position so far . Please help me to make it to Number One ! I even entered a month late . I really need this win to further my music career . Music is my only source of income so I really need this win . When you listen to my music it will be that moment that you will see why this is my own job :-) I have the most awesome band . These guys are the pro's ! I am a humble musician and I believe in supporting other artist as well . But this time I hope you think its KBK all the way ! You can help me by clicking on the link and playing my music and sharing it on facebook twitter or where ever you may travel across the internet . I really need your help . I write the songs that I sing to you ! KBK


Hello America and World ! We are currently sitting in the number 3 position out of over 1000 bands  . Please click the link and listen to my music and or share on any music sites for me . Facebook shares rock ! So do twitter tweets ! Please help me to win this competition. It costs nothing to like, share, or listen . This will advance my music career . My music career has been my life long dream and I have to admit I'm rocking the world with my music . I have the best fans and friends . So please join in on the fun and excitement ! Help me to win Floodfest so my band and I can rock Austin , Texas ! KBK


Thank you to all of my great fans we are now in 4th position out of 1000 bands in Floodfest . This competition will get my band to play this killer event if we win ! In Austin , Texas . There's only one week left so please click the link below to listen and please share ! This is a rock band competition / Battle Of The Bands . Please even if you just listen to my songs on this link it will give me points so Play Play Play !   Thank you so much . KBK


I had recently had a shoot with WSU Metro Arts Detroit for a segment on PBS . I was voted in to appear for this taping by the crew at WSU ( Wayne State University ) . I was told by one of the producers of this show that they had been voting for weeks on a special guest and that I was the number one pick for consecutive weeks . I was really honored by this comment . I take pride in my music and in my songwriting skills . The taping was a brand new experience for me . I was also bound and determined to lay down some great footage for the show . I had performed with my touring guitarist Mic . This was a semi acoustic performance . The crew couldn't believe the sound quality coming from just two people and not a full band . I have to give props to Electro- Voice ! I used my own P.A. equipment for the filming . I always sing through my EV 510 condenser microphone for live performances . I had also used my brand new EV ZLX 12" powered speaker cabinets . They give my vocals a great full and balanced sound . So needless to say I was rockin ! It didn't take us much longer than a couple hours to get this segment completed and I really cant wait to see it on PBS channel 56 Detroit . Since I was born in Detroit this  was really special for me. The crew was amazing . What a bunch of talented individuals and beautiful people that I had the honor to work with for the day . I really appreciate the support from my city and from all of you . You keep my torch burning bright ! KBK

Thank you once again for the support ! We just move up to number 7 out of one thousand bands for Floodfest  Battle Of The Bands competition in Texas . Please keep on sharing my video's and listening to my music on this site . It will get my band an I to Perform Live for you the fans ! Please Click On This Link Below!


Hello America and World !

I'm currently in a National Battle Of The Bands competition called " Floodfest " . This battle is to perform live with full band in Texas . There are great prizes for the winner and the winner gets to rock the people of Texas on a killer platform ! Please help me to get to number one ! I'm currently at number 9 out of one thousand other bands . Not too shabby I must admit . I really need this win to further my music career and grow even a larger fanbase . My music is The Real  Rock n Roll ! Please Help this Detroit / Nashville rocker kick some ass in this competition . Only you the fans can make this happen ! You just have to click the link , play my video's , and share . Please share on facebook or twitter or whatever internet source you may use . I really need this my KBK Nation ! KBK


N.A.M.M. Totally Rocked ! Thank you to my endorser Electro-Voice for getting me to this event ! I am so proud to be labeled an EV Artist . This was my first time attending @The NAMM Show in Anaheim , California . I met so many rockstars while at the show . A couple Highlights were getting to take photo's with Mikkey Dee from Motorhead and my friend Simon Daniels from Autograph . I got a chance to hang out with the reps from Electro-Voice and got invited to join them for th...ier Happy Hour . We were served top shelf drinks and enjoyed rocking to some killer music in the speaker display room ( Thunderous Sound I must add ) ! I picked up a few more sponsors / endorsers that will be added in my future posts . As a singer / songwriter / musician this was Heaven on Earth for me . I was so lucky to have my beautiful wife by my side and my good friend and touring guitarist Mic Bez . I had performed twice at a couple of the vender booths at N.A.M.M . for the crowd . People gathered all around and video taped my performance . I have to give Mic Bez props for the great guitar work during these live performances . I had also meet up with my Nashville guitarist and fellow KBK bandmate Dave Baker . Dave was performing also at N.A.M.M. for a couple of his endorsers Eminense Speakers and Mc Pherson Guitars . His playing was Red Hot ! Dave is a RockGod ! We recieved VIP Passes to attend the Dr. John in concert from a friend at the show . For a 70 year old man , he put on a rockin show ! I learned so much more about the music industry and all the killer new products . I met so many new friends and fans at this event . It was so awesome getting to hang with the elite in this industry. I'm looking forward to working with some new EV Mics for my live performances and for my recordings . I got explore a good amount of the California coast and got to hang out in Los Angeles . I loved seeing the Hollywood sign and viewing area . The mexican food their was off the hook . We also enjoyed viewing the Disney Land fireworks from the rooftop / pool area of our hotel . Totally Amazing ! I had visited @iHeartRadio in L.A. . I'm an iHeart artists for those of you who didn't know . They gladly took a few of my cd's for airplay in L.A. . Yeah babyyyy . So in all this trip for me was a major success. Our flights were very exciting and entertaining , lol . I have never heard Nicky and Mic scream so loud out of fear on one of our take offs . It was hilarious ! Good thing we made it home safe and sound . By the way I just about shit a brick too . I think our pilot did that stuff on purpose just for a laugh . So now onto my next adventure ! Next week it's KBK Live in Chicago . See you soon , KBK

I would like to wish everyone a Very Merry Christmas .I hope Santa was good to all of my friends and fans . Always remember that Jesus is the reason for the season ! May God Bless You All and may the Light Of The Lord Shine upon you all in this New Year . I will be sharing all of my past shows for you on a New page that I will be publishing this weekend . I will also do a bit of long awaited updating also . Keep on rocking in this free world  . KBK

Hello America and World !

My latest adventure started in Ft Wayne , Indiana . I was invited to come for a tour at Sweetwater Music by my sales rep Dave Snow . Dave showed me all around this incredibly humungous music center . It was the size of a shopping mall . There was so much to see there . They had eateries and shops and so on . The largest supply of music equipment I have ever seen . I was treated like royalty during this tour . Then it was off to St Louis for my radio interview on 100.7 The Viper . The Viper had an open house the day of my interview . I got to co-host with Dj Fish . This was The Afternoon Road Rage . From 5pm -6pm . We also spun my song Girl Like You for the listeners . Our interview was exciting and hilarious . I think if I could get more station like this to invite me in as a guest then I could become a household name . I had also performed Live at a record store in The Loop called Vintage Vinyl . I played my new material for the people of STL . They seemed to really love my music . What a successful trip to St Louis . I also visited the Arch and took a tour at Budweiser . The freshly brewed beer was awesome . Then it was off to Nashville . I was included to sing a Christmas song for the labels on music row . I sang Please Come Home For Christmas by Don Henley . I had my right hand man Mic Bez on guitar . He did a wonderful job .The crowd really loved my singing on this number . One man told me how he thought I really put some awesome blues into the song . I met a lot of new friends at this Nashville Universe Event . Now I'm back home in Michigan preparing for my next performance that will be at Kerby's bar in Maple City , Michigan . This is in the traverse City area . Then I will be off to play The House of Guitars in Rochester New York . I really need to get airtime at Sirius XM Radio . Please request me at The Spectrum . On twitter its @SXMSpectrum or on facebook . I wish I had some backing for all of these events . Everything I do is out my own pocket . This really makes traveling difficult . The people always love my shows and are always so engaged in all my songs . I especially need a van or a bus . I have been traveling in my 2011 Chevy Impala . It has almost 200k miles on it now . I have to haul all of my equipment in this vehicle so there is hardly room for us . But I have to do what I have to do to succeed . I'm doing awesome and I will keep on movin on ! Well that's all I have to say for now . Please keep requesting and rocking The KBK !

I'm looking forward to my show tonight in Keego Harbor . I'll be performing at the B One Ballroom . I was requested to come back to play a second show . This is really a cool place to play . The P.A. system there rocks . Great sound man there also . I'll be kicking out some of my newest originals songs . I like to put them out there for the crowd to see the response they receive . We'll be popping in on periscope during this event . My handle on periscope is KBK Nation .  Please comment on my comment page even if just to say hi . My page is open for everyone . The good the bad and the ugly , you could say . I love connecting with my fans . Especially on facebook . Well time for me to fly . Have a good day . KBK

I'm always looking for a better way to get my music heard across the United States and Canada . I have really good promotional ethics and skills . I think good music should really sell itself . I started writing music because I was sick and tired of hearing the same songs get overplayed on the radio , day after day . I wanted to create something fresh and new but very relatable . This is why my music has the sound that it owns . All of my songs are written by yours truly . I have some killer new music for my next album . All of my new music is quite different . Just the way they are on my Good Day To be Alive cd . I really want to hit a wide listening audience . I really need cd and download sales . I want to be well known around the world like my hero of rock n roll , Bonjovi . Well those are just my thoughts for the day . Please comment on my comments page . I love hearing from you . The people who really matter :-) KBK

Tonight from 7pm until 10pm . I will be performing live with my right hand man Wild Mic Bez at Blake's Cider House in Armada , Michigan. This will be a showcase of some of my newest material and songs off my Good Day To Be Alive cd . Come on down and party with the people :-)  KBK

#LiveMusic #PureMichigan #Acoustic #Songwriter



I have so much to catch up on in my blog . I have accomplished so much in such a short period of time . Those of you who follow me on facebook see everything in real time . I will be writing a long blog on what has transpired in this past few weeks . Always good stuff . I believe in me . I believe in my music and I believe in my fans and friends . I love everyone that I meet along this journey of my life through music . I appreciate everyone who follows my progress. By facebook , twitter, instagram , periscope or where every you find me . I am always working my hardest at trying to be the best I can be . I want to make other see what it means to be a fighter . A fighter that accepts nothing but the best that life has to offer . It's not something that's handed to you on a silver platter . It's the reward you receive for being an inspiration to others and doing your very best at what ever you do . KBK

Well here we are in Nashville . I am a happy lil musician . I will be performing tonight at the 2015 National Guard Conference at the Gaylord . This is going to be an amazing time . We'll be performing live , singing karaoke and meeting some wonderful people . We went out last night and seen a few friends performing at some pretty cool venues . I was on like 2 hours of sleep but I held out pretty well . I will be posting photo's of tonight's event on Facebook and Instagram and will also be on Periscope at KBK Nation . Well I hope everybody has a good day . Peace out girlscout ! KBK

I have just received an invite to play at the 2015 National Conference in Nashville at the Gaylord in Opryland .This event is being held next Saturday . I am so excited to be performing at this military conference that words cannot begin to describe my joy . I mean what an honor ! I love my country and never had a chance to serve in our military so this is the next best thing . Playing for those who serve to keep us a free country . I will be partying with the people and performing my best songs for them . I will also be hitting up some of my favorite Nashville saloons for some more live KBK action . Life Rocks ! KBK

KBK here :-) I am asking people to please request my music on WKLT Traverse City Rock Radio . I would also ask you to please leave comments on my Guest Book / Comments page . I'm trying to take over my home state with my kick ass rock n roll ! Please buy my music if you like it . Please buy my KBK Merch also . I have some Killer t shirts and beer koozies . These sales will help me to get to your town to perform live . I'm planning on recording my next album in Nashville in March . Please help me to make my goal a reality . Please buy my music :-) KBK

Please request Kevin B Klein - Good Day To Be Alive on WKLT  Traverse City , Michigan.This is Northern Michigan's best Rock Station ! I had recently been a guest on WKLT's Garage with Terri Ray and the show was a success . It's up to you now to do your part as a fan and to get the KBK music in a daily rotation at this killer station and or at your favorite radio station . Please help me to get to where I need to be as an artist and that would be , to be heard by the masses . It just takes your random act of kindness to get me there by requesting my music on WKLT .

Call in your request at 231-941-WKLT or 800-968-WKLT 

Thank you for all of your support ! KBK

Killer Interview Tonight ! I will be live on Cave Radio tonight in Detroit . We will be rocking out some KBK live in my birthplace . Thank you to Scotti Moore for inviting me in to the studio for two hours of some serious rock n roll !



Hey everybody ! KBK is hitting mainstream rock radio on Northern Michigan's WKLT Traverse City with Terri Ray on KLT's Garage . I'm sharing the link so you can tune in to this Killer Interview this Sunday at 9pm . I will be discussing how my songs came to be . We picked six of my songs for this discussion . I think this makes the music that much more interesting . Getting to know the true meaning of what the artist was thinking when writing the song can be a real eye opener . WKLT is my home station and they are helping to put me on the map . I really appreciate everything they do for me as an artist . Please tune in for this awesome show this Sunday at 9pm . It will be the best half hour of your week !



This Saturday I will be up in the Traverse City , Michigan area performing live at Kirby's in Maple City ! I will have cd's for sale and some FIREBALL WHISKY swag . Then its off to The B one ballroom in Keego Harbor ,  Michigan on August 14th where I will be performing live with my band and some other local Michigan bands . I had been asked to perform in Rochester , New York at the House of Guitars around August / September . So we're currently working on setting up this show and another venue while we are in the area . I would love to play the Hard Rock Café , Niagra Falls while in New York . That just might happen . I 'll keep you updated on these show dates . KBK 

New Video ! Killer New KBK song . " Paradise For A Change "  This is an honest and humble love song that I wrote for my bride . The video was recorded in my home studio in Capac , Michigan . I hope you all enjoy the subtleness of this power ballad that I'm performing in acoustic . Special props go out to my media man Wallace Michael Chrouch for filming this stellar video ! KBK


I had the most amazing time in Nashville . We made it home yesterday at around 7am . Much sleep was needed :-) Well the first thing we did when we got to Nashville was head down to Whiskey Rhythm Saloon :-)  They had a Jim Beam party going on and we partied like rockstars . The next day Michael Bezemek and I played an acoustic / electric all original set for an hour and then some at Whiskey Rhythm Saloon . The crowd loved our performance . I had the opportunity to pass out some Fireball Whisky merch ! The next day we got invited to a rooftop party on the Fifth Third Building . This was a private concert with some incredible female artists :-)  The music was awesome and the view was incredible . This building is a skyscraper and yes I was pretty nervous at first :-)

The next day I had a Nashville Universe booth at the Music City Center . I was there to meet and greet fans and sign autographs and give out KBK merch while Darius Rucker performed live on a stage right beside me . He was playing some Hootie and The Blowfish tunes and he also performed Wagon Wheel. I was totally loving it ! To the left of me was the Marshall Tucker Band and Craig Wayne Boyd . Phil Vassar and Jodee Messina were a couple rows over and so many other Superstars ! " This was an amazing experience " and yes I will be there next year doing the same thing :-)

A Special Thank You to the Nashville Universe for all of the artists support they give to me .I love this universe ! I would like to also thank Electro-Voice for the artist support and Fireball Whisky for the merch we had to pass along to some lucky fans .I was so proud to have my new guitarist with me during this event " Mic Bez " . He was blown away by all we had accomplished on this trip :-)  Then it was off to see my other bandmates perform at The Dawg House in Midtown . Dave Baker Leland Grant and Seth Hajek rocked out as the ‪#‎NashvilleSpazmatics‬ ! They put on a Killer Show for a full house ! Then we popped in to SoulShine Pizza to meet up with Kenny Olson and watch him crank out some Killer blues ! Then it was time to head back home . Thank you to my wife for setting up such an incredible trip . I have the best girl in the world ! I love you Nicky heart emoticon KBK ‪#‎KBKNation‬ ‪#‎GoodDayToBeAlive‬ @KBKNation @FireballWhisky @HaloBurger

I had  recently taken a trip with my photographer ( Wallace Chrouch ) to Nashville Tennessee. We set up a photo shoot at ESM Studio . This is where I had recorded my album - Good Day To Be Alive . I needed some killer shots to use for my show posters and for my networking . Let me know what you think by commenting on my guestbook/comments page . Here are some of the pics I'm really digging :-) KBK

Photo Credit : http://www.wmchrouch.com/



  More photo's will be posted asap . Thank you for all of your support ! KBK

I will be heading down to St. Louis , Missouri this weekend ! I will be live on The Viper 100.7 FM next Tuesday . I will also be performing a live show that evening also . I'm bringing my Michigan guitarist Mic Bezemek with me to rock St Louis with some Killer KBK Jams ! We will be performing my songs off my Good Day To Be Alive album and some of my new songs in acoustic :-) I can't wait to see St. Louis . I have never been there before . The guys at The Viper are going to be a riot ! Please listen to us on Tuesday morning on Tune in . If you're in the area stop in and see us at our show . KBK  #LifeRocks   #KBK  #GoodDayToBeAlive

Update on our trip !

First on our agenda was to play at The Hard Rock Café . We performed there for the people of St Louis and we were well received . The people just love the fact that I play all of my originals . They told me that they loved my sound and that my songs sound like the popular songs played on the radio . They also said that my songs are like a breath of fresh air .  I love that !

The second venue that we performed at  right after the Hard Rock was in O'Fallon , Missouri . It was called Brewskeez . This is a local watering hole where great people hang out at . This venue has a large stage with some killer lighting . I used a portion of my P.A.  System to play through on that night . The sound was really good . My guitarist , Mic Bez was spectacular and played like a God for the people at this gig .

All of this happened on a Monday . Then Tuesday morning it was off to 100.7 The Viper . We arrived at the studio around 9am . We got to meet the staff and go on the Chris and Dc Show " live " . What a cool bunch of characters . I also got to hang out with Racey Stacey . I love that girl . She also has a killer show that starts at 10am . We are now in the stations rotation . I love The Viper !

Then Tuesday evening it was off to The Great Location . I was the Showcase act for the intermission for the Battle Of The Bands that was being held that night. We rocked that place . We performed my songs , Girl Like You - Born To Be Free - and Black and Blue . The crowd loved our performance and there was such great energy in the room . We got a killer applause after every song and the people really got into my music . It was incredible ! 



I recently went on a trip to Nashville to shoot some photo's at the studio I recorded my album Good Day To Be Alive . Here are a few images that were taken by kick ass photographer Wallace Chrouch . We had taken an abundance of photo's but here's a couple I had just received today . I hope you love them . I'm very pleased with this work . KBK

It's a Good Day To Be Alive !

We pave our own roads to success ! KBK

There is no other company that I trust more with my voice than EV !

I'm so proud to be a part of the Electro-Voice Team

I just wanted to write a blog on the incredible success that I had on my last trip to Nashville . I had planned a trip for a photo shoot at ESM Studio . This is where I had recorded my Good day To Be alive album  . The photo shoot went amazing and I got to do a number of photos in different outfits and also got to get some killer photo's for Electro-Voice . After the shoot I had run into my engineer that works on my recordings at ESM . Gabe Masterson . I asked Gabe if we could remix my song Black and Blue . He said sure thing so the next morning I showed up at ESM and the process had begun . I must admit the final product is stellar ! I think this song is my new KBK favorite . I will be replacing my current file with this incredible remix. I also decided on doing a club style remix for my song Girl Like You . This is moving along quite well . Its very interesting to say the least . I want my music to hit the masses so anything that I can do to get my music out there without losing my integrity , I'm on it ! I'm in it to win it , you could say . I am also working on getting my music spinning at The Viper in St Louis,Missouri .If you like my music then please request it at your favorite radio stations . My music is out there . I'm an iHeart Radio Artist . Lets get this KBK Nation Rockin ! I'll be talking to you soon and always remember its a Good Day To Be Alive .KBK

Please help support my band by purchasing digital downloads and or physical copies of my music . Please comment in my guestbook / comments page on this site . Please like us on facebook and or even friend me at Kevin B Klein if you choose . I love my fans and personally know almost all my facebook friends . I also use twitter at Kevin B Klein . I love to tweet ! Please buy my music if you like it . It will help me to get my show on the road . I'm working with some national promoters and booking festivals and theatre's for 2015 . I really need the funds though. I'm an indie artist so I'm funding this on my own . I want to be your hero when it comes to your favorite rockstar ! I am now the voice of Electro-Voice and very proud  that they took me on because of my God Given Talents .

Facebook music page https://www.facebook.com/pages/Kevin-B-Klein-Music/179347005474996

Twitter page  https://twitter.com/KevinBKlein

Battle Of  The Bands contest site http://www.battleofthebands.com/u/kevinbklein

Please listen to my music and my video's to get us to perform at Rock On The Range . By listening and commenting it will boost our rating for this contest !

Thank you so much for all of your support ! You are the rock that makes me roll !

Please help to get us to Columbus , Ohio  to play at  " Rock On The Range " . This is a contest and its all about internet hype and being the popular band . Please visit this link and play my songs and video's . Please leave comments and brag brag brag how much you love KBK , Kevin B Klein . Let people know what you think of my music . If you like it please share it on the net . Facebook , twitter , or wherever you frequent on the net . I really need your help to get a good buzz rating . I hope you love my old school style rock n roll ! KBK



I really enjoyed playing Kerby's bar and grill in Maple City , Michigan . The patrons were so responsive to all of my original songs . They wanted to hear my music instead of any cover songs . I was accompanied by my Michigan guitarist Mic Bez ! We played some acoustic and played along with some of my prerecorded tracks to get the full band sound . I have to thank Electro-Voice my endorser for the killer EV RE 510 condenser microphone for helping me reach some new highs with my vocals . I was told my music was very relatable . People said it was like they heard it before and at the same time were hearing it for the first time . I call that success as a songwriter ! I love playing live shows . People tell me they love my live vocals . That means alot to me as a singer . I love seeing people engaging with my music . What a great show in Traverse City Live on WKLT Radio the very same day . I played my music live on Omelette and Friends Radio Show . I was told it was a stellar performance . That's what I like to hear . I work so hard on my music striving for fortune and fame through my God Given Talents . Its great to have achievable goals :-) KBK

Well its that time of year again :-) Time to share some cheer and party with the people . KBK as Laddy O'Malley . I grow a knarly ole beard , dress up in all green and peddle my little tricycle from pub to pub. I will be in Traverse City , Michigan on 3/14/2015 for the Parade with Omelette and friends from WKLT. Then Back to Traverse city on Tuesday the day of St Patty's day :-) To party with the people at the station Live on the air and rock out some KBK songs acoustic style .

KBK as Laddy O' Malley

This was in Detroit at the CorkTown Parade . This was a few years ago but still one of my favorite photo's .

Omelette and KBK

KBK and Jim Smith  WKLT Personality


Sarah and KBK at the WKLT party



KBK and WKLT Intern Ty

The WKLT Traverse City party was held at The State Street Tavern . I had a great time with Omelette and Friends and all of my Traverse City Family ! The parade was so much fun . I got to be the house leprechaun for the radio station . We traveled on the steak truck from the radio station that pulls a giant WKLT Radio ! What a riot :-) We seen alot of happy faces :-)  KBK 

The KBK band has agents currently working on booking Radio interviews , Fairs , Theatre's , Concert Venues ,  and some Night Clubs across the U.S.A. . If you are interested in booking our band for an opening act or a headliner you can contact us anytime . Contact info page on this website . I am also playing some small venues acoustic style with one of my newest members . My Michigan guitarist Mick and I will be playing some local venues across my home state of Michigan and across our Nation . We are planning to play my original music and even a few cover tunes :-) We are having great success in booking gigs so we will see you soon :-) Coming to you live KBK style :-) KBK


This is Mick and  I " KBK "  !  Mick is my right hand man here in Michigan .

I had just received some killer merchandise from Electro-Voice . I am so excited ! Got some Killer apparel , an insulated travel cup for my throat coat  and saving the best for last I got my two EV mics . I had received the 410 and the 510 condenser mics . They are both so amazing ! I love the clarity and the equalized sound of both them . The 510 has two cut off switches inside to get the best sound for your voice . I have never found any other mic better than EV . Nothing even close ! I love EV and I am proud to call myself an EV mic guy :-) Kevin B Klein " KBK "


Today was a very successful day . I am currently working with FIREBALL WHISKY to take my music to new levels . Our photographer Wallace Chrouch captured the spirit of commitment and rock n roll in these photo's . I am so proud to be partnered up with such an incredible product ! KBK and FIREBALL together are HOT AS HELL !

My childhood dream was always to become a ROCKSTAR . I always dreamed of having the Electro-Voice company endorse me . I could always picture myself posing in rock magazines in front of my EV speakers and singing into my EV N/D 457  microphone . My dream has finally come true . I have been accepted for endorsement by my favorite electronic company , Electro-Voice  ! I believe in these products and use them everyday . With a vocal range like mine only one company makes the products that best suite my voice . Thank You Electro-Voice

I cant wait to get into some of your latest gear !

EV Rocks  !   KBK



Last nights adventures got pretty awesome I must admit . After playing an acoustic gig we headed down to grab a bite to eat with a couple awesome friends from our home state of Michigan . Then it was over to SoulShine Pizza to see Kenny Olson perform live with his band . Those guys tore  it up ! What a pleasure to see such a tight playing band with an incredible sound . Every band member was spot on and what a stellar performance ! After their last song I got to meet Kenny Olson in person . Kenny use to play guitar for Kid Rock . The man has mad skills ! Kenny is also originally from Michigan and what a gentleman . He was so kind to us and I felt like I had known him for years . I hope to maybe do some material with him sometime in the future . That would be too cool ! I also ran into Scot Bihlman from Grinder Blues . Another musician originally from Michigan . Scot is the drummer for this awesome band . Also in the pictures below is my good friend and Killer Bassist from Michigan , Dietrich Bonawitz.  Good to see some people fighting to make our music scene an incredible place to enjoy ! This brotherhood of musicians in Nashville is the best ! Thank you for a stellar night of awesomeness :-) KBK


KBK - Kenny Olson - Dietrich Bonawitz


Kenny Olson rocking the crowd !


Scot Bihlman and KBK

Last night I got to see so many talented songwriters perform live acoustic at Belcourt Taps in Nashville . The event was hosted by Nashville Entertainment weekly . I was invited by Tj Cates to perform 3 of my new demo songs . The crowd really seemed to like my new songs . I have such a different style that is accepted by so many listeners and this is what makes this gift of songwriting so fulfilling to me . This is only the beginning for me and I am coming up with some really cool material that I will soon start posting here in my blog . Look out America and World KBK is going to Rock You to new levels :-) There are no rules in Rock n Roll ! KBK

KBK and Tj Cates

Here's the facbook link to Nashville Entertainment weekly  :  https://www.facebook.com/pages/Nashville-Entertainment-Weekly/827088780651812

I was asked to perform at a Showcase Event in Nashville on The Nashville Entertainment Weekly Stage . It's called the Premier Sunday Funday Music Showcase at Bellcourt Taps . I will be performing 3-4 of my new songs in acoustic . Its will be great to see the reaction that my new songs will recieve . I played some of them at a gig in Marysville , Michigan at the American Legion Hall for some of our veterans and they loved the new material . So wish me luck my good people for a stellar performnce by yours truly on the stage today :-) KBK

KBK has been nominated in Nashville for male vocalist of the year ! The finals are this coming Monday at the Wild Horse Saloon in Nashville , TN. This is for the Nashville Universe Awards . What an amazing accomplishment for this original artist ! Come check out The Nashville Universe .


KBK will be performing on the Nashville Entertainment Weekly Stage - Premier Sunday Funday Music Showcase at Belcourt Taps in Nashville on February 22nd 4 -8 pm. He will be sharing the stage with many, many great artists. Let Freedom Sing! Come join us and hear some great music!  

I am proud to announce * KBK * has our first sponsor ! * FIREBALL WHISKY * They are giving  us the opportunity to generate more fans through their generosity . Come to any my appearances local or national and get some cool swag or a killer FIREBALL WHISKY t'shirt while supplies last . There's nothing wrong with some old school rock n roll and a some spirits to set your night on fire ! Come party with us in 2015 . We'll keep you posted on our appearances and our shows . Thank you to my home station  WKLT Traverse City for the shout out on this new partnership ! * KBK *

Hello everybody :-) I am now in the finals for male vocalist of the year in Nashville ! I am a member of the Nashville Universe and with fingers crossed will soon be able to say we did it . I couldn't live my dreams without all of your support . You can still vote for me at www.thenashvilleuniverse.com to get me to number one ! Thank you for supporting me as an artist and for making my dreams reality . You are truly my inspiration *KBK*



Hello America and World ! I was recently in a killer video by and incredibly talented young artist by the name of Lucas Ciliberti . Lucas is a young man that has an incredible voice . His high vocal range is quite angelic and extremely powerful . This kid has some long hair and so much talent . He is a superstar in my book ! Lucas and I are up for awards in The Nashville Universe . I hope we come out on top ! Please check out this killer video called  " We Are Brothers " by Lucas Ciliberti. It has a great message we can all learn from  :-) KBK


I would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year . I plan on making this year a year to remember . With my band and I hitting Sony Nashville to record my second album . Life is about making my dreams reality and including all of you to come with me on my musical journey. Lets make 2015 a year of change and a year of success. Thank you for being apart of this KBK Nation ! KBK

This year we decided to spend our Christmas in Florida . This is the first time I had ever been to Orlando. We had a pretty decent hotel and there were a lot of people there over the Christmas holiday season. I would love to get my band there one day and rock that area . The weather was warm but cloudy and we made the best of it :-) Then our next stop was to Daytona Beach . It was still cloudy and warm but not so many people around . We went to The Board Walk and I met some really nice people and snapped a couple photo's with them :-) I'll be posting some pics from our trip asap . Our next stop was to Casey Key which is on the west coast of Florida just north of Venice . I have some awesome friends that own a resort over there . I will be working with the people who run The Jetty Park on Casey Key to get my band to perform there . The management always play my music there . I played acoustic for a few people there this past weekend and got some killer compliments . The crowd at the Jetty was very small this visit . I blame this on the cloudy weather , but I will be back to the Jetty this spring :-) Like I said I will be posting pics as soon as possible :-) Keep on Rocking and don't forget to pick up our latest release " Good Day To Be Alive " Right here on this website :-) It is truly a good day " KBK

I had received a special invite to perform a couple Christmas songs for Detroit Santa in Frankenmuth , Michigan . Santa will be renewing his wedding vows with the Mrs. tomorrow in our Little Bavaria . Frankenmuth is Christmas day , everyday all year long . We kinda like it that way :-) I will be playing " Here Comes Santa Claus  " and " We Wish You a Merry Christmas " on guitar . This is all for our great friend and his bride who resides all year at The North Pole . We love you Santa and Mrs. Claus . I will post the event . Check out the pics Below :-) KBK


I had an exciting weekend last Friday . I won a contest run by The Nashville Universe . I won tickets to see country legend John Anderson in concert . I also got to go back stage and meet him and snap a few photo's with him . What a cool guy ! He put on an awesome concert in Detroit at the Masonic Temple . This temple is the largest temple in the world . Its very old and it looked really nice also :-) I also got to meet Jared Blake from the tv show The Voice . He really rocked the house . I also got to meet him in person too . He was really down to earth and very cool . Then at the same venue the same night I met Herman Moore back stage . Herman Moore is one of our Detroit Lions .Herman is a huge celebrity in the sports world and in Detroit . He looked like a gladiator standing next to me , lol . What an awesome guy with a great personality . It was such an honor meeting all of these incredible talents . I love playing a part in the music industry , it has been taking me to some wonderful places ! I will post some photo's below from last weekends events . KBK

Hello America and World ! KBK will be recording our second album this February . We are really counting on our digital sales to help us make this happen . We have a killer line up for this new music ! Will post soon . We have been working on some killer new tunes . Some of the new music will be heavy rock , some crossover country and some just classic sounding rock n roll ! I have been recently told the new rock genre for our old school music is called #ModernVintage  . I kinda like that :-) I'm keeping the sound of our new songs very commercial and catchy . Nothing boring in our world ! We do this for you so please support our band and indie music . Please purchase our music from our site or iTunes or any of our other partner companies listed on our website . Please take a moment and visit our Guestbook page and leave a comment . I do filter the comments to keep things clean , but I have never had any bad comments to date :-) Thank you for that :-) So please help us make these dreams happen . We want to get on tour for you in this new year . KBK

I got invited to a Killer Event in Traverse City this past weekend . WKLT Traverse City's very own Omelette and Friends Morning Show invited me out to meet World Renown chef , Mario Batali and James Michael from Rock Band  " Sixx A.M. "  . Mario was signing copies of his New Cook book in Downtown Traverse City . So I had a chance to meet him and enjoy his awesome sense of humor and great stories about his TV show " The Chew ". What an incredibly talented and successful individual . I loved his positive outlook on life . It was such an honor to meet him in person ! I also got a chance to meet James Michael . A very successful singer / songwriter for the rock band Sixx A.M. . It was such an honor meeting him . We have so much in common , making our mark in the music industry .  This guy has so much talent and such a Killer voice . He also has a great new album out. A special thank you goes out to Omelette and Friends for making my day so special ! You Rock ! KBK 



" I Would Like To Give A Special Thanks " to all of you on this Thanksgiving Day . I would like to give a  thank you to all of you who support my music . You are the ones making a difference . You are The KBK Nation ! You Are , " One Nation Ready To Rock ! " I am " your "entertainer ! Thank you for purchasing my music on my website and all the other sites like iTunes and all our partner companies .  Thank you for keeping the dreams alive ! KBK


We had a great time at the Pre-Thanksgiving Day Party at WKLT Traverse City . I was live on the Omelette and friends morning show  from 7am-10am with many other guests . We had a total Riot!  The antics never cease but we assist :-P  The theme of this Thanksgiving Day Party was  also Crazy Sweater Day . I wore some pretty goofy looking duds . Between the long hair and the girlie looking shirt , I kinda felt like I looked like somebodies crazy aunt . lol  Everybody has one of those :-) My girl made a poster for the station with pics from 2014 KLT events  .The staff loved it . We also brought some gifts for some of the staff to show appreciation . I would love to give a great big Thank You to Omelette , Rick Coates and to the Programing Director Terri Ray for letting me play a part in such awesome events at the station and for also spinning my jams ! . I met some incredible  people on the air . The people of Traverse City Rock !


 Thank you for supporting my music and I .

This Wednesday 11-26-2014 . I will be at WKLT Traverse City on the Omelette and friends radio show ! WKLT Traverse City is my home station . It's the best Rock Station in Northern Michigan . I will also be doing a photo shoot at the station . Its going to be a Thanksgiving celebration and there will also be an Ugly Sweater Party at the station . I have some fancy duds just for the occasion . I will be posting pics . Omellete and his partner in crime Rick Coates have the ultimate and most excellent morning show . It's nonstop entertainment . They always rock out the KBK on all of my visits to this Killer Rock Station / Morning Show ! Tune in and treat yourself to this Thanksgiving treat . Never a dull moment ! I'm going to try to make it to the station by 7:00 am . The show runs until 10:00am .  So please tune in and get ready to rock with Michigan's best singer / Songwriter and Nashville's Recording Rock Artist Kevin B Klein ! Here's the link to WKLT http://www.wklt.com/

We will be posting our new t shirt designs very soon . Our can coolers / beer koozies are always available by emailing us at www.kevinbklein@yahoo.com . The Koozies are $5 each and well worth every cent if you want to stand out in the crowd ! People will know you have great taste in music and that you are part of The KBK Nation ! All of our merchandise is just an email away . Get some killer music and band merchandise now . Help support one of the Hottest New Rock Artists  ! KBK Rocks

Hello American and World :-) Thank You So Much for your Continuous Support by purchasing our music from our Website through Cdbaby and iTunes . Your support is making our dreams of getting on tour reality . All who support our music makes you part of The KBK Nation . We are " One Nation Ready To Rock ! "  Bringing back the beautiful spirit of Old School Rock n Roll . KBK Rocks !  KBK 

Hello America and World ! This past Wednesday  11/12/2014 . The KBK Band played live at 12th and Porter in Nashville Tennessee . The show was a success ! This event was a showcased event for my tour mate Kim Kennedy and her Mural Reveal of our shared guitarist , the one and only Dave Baker . This event made the local newspaper The Tennessean . Below I will post some Killer pics of the event . All acts had 30 minutes to perform and all acts were stellar performances ! Special Thanks goes out to the owner of 12th and Porter , Keith Haymen . I was so proud to play a part in Kim Kennedy's event . I will be adding links so everybody can check out Kim's music . She is an incredible singer / songwriter . More big things to come for my band and my tour mate . Its A Good Day To Be Alive ! 

Hello America and World !

On this trip to Nashville I have had nonstop success . Met up with my producers to plan our attack for the recording of our new songs . We will be recording the new material at Sony Studios in Nashville . I got to star in a music video with for the talented Lucas Cilibreti , a Christian country artist . Lucas is 15 yrs old and a spectacular singer . I was live on The HighWay on Sirius XM Radio . What a rush !! I debuted my new song Long Gone on VRadio Nashville and received a ton of great feedback on the new jam . I have some great new artists working on my new material  with me . I will be featuring Todd Taylor " Worlds fastest banjo player . He is in the Guinness book of world records and a six time Grammy Winner . Currently touring with the Oak Ridge Boys . I will also have a close , talented and beautiful friend  "Kim Kennedy " singing on two of my new crossover songs . Kim will also be touring with me . She has a new album soon to be released . She's a Killer Artist !My band is also booked to play for the 2016 Presidential conference in Baltimore , Maryland for our next United States Presidential election. The theme of this conference is going to be called  " Born To Be Free " . Yes they are using my song for their theme !!!!!  Yeah Babyyy ... I am so honored and pumped . I love this town, magic happens here. Nashville rocks. KBK

Great News ! The Kevin B Klein Band is now being aired on Australian Rado 100.3 2MCR Radio on The Mike Stewart Show .

We had recently recieved a Killer Rock Music Review on our debut album Good Day To Be Alive by an amazing man in the music industry , Gunner Kal . Gunner is the rockstar for the rockstars ! He is a Killer musician and rock photographer . He really went out of his way to listen to our music and was honest with his comments on our sound . I was blown away by the awesome feedback we received this is Gunner and this is what he said .

As many of you know, I endorse only a few local-type bands....but it's my pleasure to add another to the list; KBK......Kevin B Klein!!!! this new album is good ol' fashion straight ahead ROCK-N-ROLL!!!! And AWESOME!!!! Because it's hard to... describe new music without comparisons, I'd say this is like Bon Jovi, Firehouse, and Slaughter, with a touch of Jane's Addiction thrown in. The vocals are great and the music speaks for itself. Please check out "Good Day To Be Alive" by my buddy Kevin B Klein!!! Gunner Approved!! \m/ \m/
What an honor to get a review like this ! I am very greatful to have such awesome friends in the music industry that will take the time out of their busy schedules to share their opinions on our music .Thank you Gunner Kal . Looking forward to having you take some Killer Photo's of us in the near future !

Hello America and World . I am Kevin B Klein . I was born in Detroit in the late 60's . Home of Motown ! I grew up outside of Detroit . Always musically oriented . I had a passion to sing from an early age . In my teens I finally got my hands on my first guitar . That's when the song writing had begun . Played the local bar scene in Detroit for a short time and then life stepped in . I returned to the music scene with a vengeance in 2011 . I started by writing my first demo album called The Only One . Then from there I knew I had to make my move . If I were going to be successful in the music industry I knew I had to go to Nashville  to follow my dream . This is where my dreams became reality. I met up with a fabulous musician there that really helped me make my dreams of becoming a real musician and songwriter come to life . He is an accomplished musician who has played with some of the biggest artists in the industry . His name is Dave Baker . Dave is my producer and my guitarist on my debut album  " Good Day To Be Alive " . Dave is also currently playing for country artist Kellie Pickler . Her claim to fame came to her through the popular TV Show  American Idol . So I am very proud to be working with Dave on my project and career as an Indie Artist. We are trying to get our band of all freelance / studio musicians out on the road . My album / songs speaks volumes . I feel now with a little luck I can make my move to the next level in this business. My album is available on my website for the purchasing of digital downloads or physical copies of Good Day To Be Alive  . We have that throwback 80's rock sound . I am proud to call to call Old School Rock n Roll . Please help us to get out on tour by purchasing our music and or requesting our music on your local mainstream radio stations . I am doing all the promoting for my Indie Band and Indie Music basically all on my own . I hope to become a household name like BonJovi someday . Please help to make my dreams come true . I believe in Paying Forward also . I want to be able to do this through my music sales . We need new music on local radio so please make Kevin B Klein a household name and get my music to go viral . All of my music is positive and uplifting . So please check us out today and start rocking to the best new band in America and World ! KBK  www.kevinbklein.com  Make your day a " Good Day To Be Alive " .

Hello America and World ! KBK is making a name in Detroit ! For the 3rd week in a row our music has been in the Tap Top Ten on Detroit's biggest and best internet radio station .


They play alot of new music and they support the indie artists .Our first week we made it to #10 with our song Black and Blue . The 2nd week we were at #4 with Born To Be Free and the 3rd week at #6 with Born To Be Free .  Please go and give us a vote on the Tap Top Ten by leaving a request on their facebook page (here) https://www.facebook.com/TapTopTen for Kevin B Klein - Born To Be Free . We are trying to promote this song to the fullest extent in hopes that other stations will pick it up and spin it in celebration for the 4th of July .I wrote this song about The American Dream , For all who have served and are still serving to keep us  free in the USA and this song is about protecting our rights as Free Americans .This song is also in many mainstream rock stations via DMDS file . Please help share this song with everyone everywhere.  Please request it on your mainstream radio stations in your area . You can purchase it here on our website on digital download or on our physical cd . Signed copies are available . Help support my band by keeping the DJ's Rockin the KBK ! *** Don't forget to throw us a vote " This Week " on the Tap Top Ten  ! Please help us get heard in Detroit *** ! KBK


Please help to get my band on a summer / 2014 tour by purchasing our music from this website , buying KBK merchandise here and or requesting our music where ever and when ever you can . Our music is in many U.S. rock radio stations . I promote our music on facebook and twitter constantly . I want to perform for you . Please Request our song " Born To Be Free  " as much as possible before the 4th of July . I wrote this song for all who have served our country and for the American Dream . Our Freedom Rocks ! This is the youtube link for " Born To Be Free " .



We really need all your help to get us on tour . Without our great fans we are just another band . I feel we are special and unique with our relatable  original songs . We are also looking for sponsors too . If you can help in any way please do :-) Help KBK Rock The Nation ! Its a Good Day To Be Alive , KBK

Last week out song " The Only One " was voted into Music Road Radio's country music Top 40 and we made it to # 31 . We would really appreciate you to vote for us to get us to #1 . This is one of our songs that that is like a cross over song . We welcome  any radio station that will spin our songs . We need the exposure . So please vote for us here



Voting is easy . When getting to The IceMans site , just scroll down and look to the right of the page . You will see the contestants names . Please click on Kevin B Klein - The Only One and then click the vote button at the bottom of the list . 


Well all is good in the land of KBK ! I have been in the VRadio Nashville Top 40 for weeks now ! We are currently at #19 with The Only One . Thanks to Mick and Lacey our songs have been rocking The Nashville Universe ! Come visit their station here



Also my song  " The Only One " made the cut on The Iceman"s Show on Music Road Radio for their Top 40 . You can vote to keep us in the Top 40 on The IceMan's website  by voting for me , and here is the link www.theicemanscavern.com

Many great things instore for my Killer band ! Please buy our music to get us on tour this summer . You can purchase our debut album Good Day To Be Alive here on my site . Or just email me at kevinbklein@yahoo.com  for purchasing other merchandise ( Tshirts & Koozies ) . Keep on rocking the KBK ! My Kleiners rule !

Check out my new Crib Karaoke Video of my own song called Girl Like You . I recorded in my crib for fun :-) Hope you love it . KBK



I am working hard on my cd sales and sales on my merchandise . I appreciate all who support indie artists . I am hoping to create enough revenue to get my band on tour this year . We cannot do this without you . All of our music is available on this website . I can get you any of our merchandise . Just email me at kevinbklein@yahoo.com  . Please leave your comments in our Guestbook / comments page . I appreciate all of your input . Please help get my band on the map . Spread the word about our music and please share . Thank you . KBK

Happy St Patricks Day ! Please stay safe . Don't drink and drive :-)  Have a Great Day

Today I will be putting on a benefit for our Military Veterans . I will be trying to raise money to get my band to Columbus ,Texas so we can perform for our Military Veterans and raise money for Operation Military Embrace .You can purchase our music on our website to help us to get there on  this april 23-27. The details on our party today will be listed on the flyer below .

Please help to get my band on tour . You can purchase our music right here on our website . You can also order t shirts and kooziez by emailing me at kevinbklein@yahoo.com . Our cd sales are a very important way to get our indie band out on a tour this year . If you like our music please buy it .  Thank you to everybody who has been buying our music and merchandise . I  love when our fans write on our guestbook / comments page , it keeps us informed on how you feel about our music . We will be releasing more material this year also . Thank you for stopping in and I hope to make big things happen this year . KBK

I have been busy working to get my band on tour this current year . Contacting bandmates ,promoters and doing all my PR . I am working on getting my band dates to play in Michigan for the National Cherry Festival in Traverse City , The Lapeer Festival and The Air Show at Selfridge Air Force Base . I am also working hard to raise money to get my band to Columbus , Texas to play for our Veterans for an event sponsored by The Hawgs of Texas and Operation Military Embrace. I will be having a fundraiser at The Sports Channel Bar / Harbor Lanes at 25419 Jefferson Ave , St.Clair Shores , Michigan on March 14th at 6:00 pm to ? I will be singing along to my tracks off my debut album Good Day To Be Alive . Please help us if you can to get our band on the road by purchasing our cd from our website . We also have t shirts and beer cuzies available. I am working really hard to make my dreams reality and could really use all of your support :-) KBK

My song - Heaven - is going to be used in the movie trailer for an indepenent film made in Detroit called Juvies . This film will be out WorldWide in February 2014 as a short film for the film festivals .


Please check this out . Its a promo for the movie trailer . 

This was filmed by WMChrouch he is my photographer .


Well it is now December . I will be heading down to Nashville for a Christmas visit and I will be visiting my friends at VRadio Nashville  https://www.facebook.com/VRadioNashville1?fref=ts

 This station plays our music on a daily basis . I will also be visiting my friend and engineer Gabe Masterson . I am sure I will hit some Karaoke bars and maybe even the studio  that I recorded our album at which is https://www.facebook.com/pages/EastSide-Manor-Studios-ESM/166876033357542

I have met some awesome people in Nashville and plan on making alot of new friends like always . Always a good time in music city . Everywhere I go I promote promote promote my music . I hope the Good Lord keeps on blessing me with great success in this industry . I wouldn't mind a Killer record deal for Christmas . Well I will also be hitting up some radio stations along the way , College  Radio and Mainstream Radio . The sky is always the limit ! I will also be hitting Florida in my travels . I will be going to Casey Key , yeah baby ! Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year  , everybody ! KBK

Today is the day ! I will be at Holly Meadows in Capac having a Killer Bash ! I will be signing my new cd release Good Day To Be Alive ! I will have 3 styles of our Tshirts , beer cuzies and Cd's available . The party will be starting at 3:00 pm and will go until 8:00 pm . This is less than an hour north of the Metro Detroit area and will be well worth the ride.We will be having some raffles and prizes . Not to mention some Killer jams ! My host will be Leto Covington from WSGR  SC4 colllege radio ,Port Huron . Hope to see ya'll out there :-) This link will take you to our facebook event page . Directions and party info . https://www.facebook.com/events/595904257137115/

We will be having a Killer party in my hometown of Capac , Michigan ! On November 23 from 3pm until 8pm . I will be signing my cd's and doing a bit of singing and partying like a RockStar with some of my best friends , family and anyone interested in joining in on a great time ! Please check out my facebook page for details ! I am having this party to raise money for my band so I can get touring . I will be selling cd's and  other merchandise  ! KBK   https://www.facebook.com/#!/events/595904257137115/

Well we have been having a great time on our East Coast Radio Blitz . I did a live radio interview in Rhode Island at  90.7 WXIN RIC Radio with Stephen Nelson on Thursday . It was a killer interview and WXIN rocked The KBK music ! Our music is now in their rotation ! Then on Friday I had a live interview in Boston on 89.3 WTBU with John Michael . We had a kick ass time and a Killer interview ! We are also now in their rotation . Both stations asked me great questions and made me feel like a SuperStar ! I also have some MainStream FM Radio interested in our music . So far we are rockin the East Coast ! More updates to come ! KBK

I will be going on a road trip through the New England States Nov 6th-10th. I will be doing a live interview at 89.3 WTBU Radio . The Beat Of Boston University. They will also be spinning our songs off our latest album Good Day To Be Alive . Recorded at ESM Studio , East Nashville Tennessee . On my trip I will also be hitting up RIC Radio 90.7 WXIN Rhode Island College Radio . I am also looking for other Radio Stations willing to do any live interviews along the way . I am on a mission of Rock N Roll and I have the will to succeed ! With my Killer tunes and my Killer band to back me up , there is no where else to go but straight to the top ! Wish me luck on moving our merchandise . We now have Bottle / can coolers .  I call them Cuzies . We will have one style of our T shirts Available on Nov 5th . Its a white T shirt with our album cover on the front outlined in Black . It looks awesome . I will also have Black T shirts with a full color pic of the album cover and also a Black T shirt with our logo in full color . :-) :-)

The cuzies are $5.00 . Just message me on facebook @ Kevin B Klein or email me @ kevinbklein@yahoo.com  . Signed copies of our cd Good Day To Be Alive , are also available . KBK

Our" Physical Cd "  is now available for our latest  release  " Good Day To Be Alive "   . Now you can order digital downloads or get yourself a physical cd from cdbaby.com or on our website .They are also available on our Facebook music page in our  Facebook store . You can also email me for  signed copies at kevinbklein@yahoo.com . Keep America and World rockin with KBK

Last Friday I went live on WSGR 91.3 Port Huron College Radio with Leto Covington  https://www.facebook.com/WSGR91.3fm. What a Rockin interview , and we also had some great people call in . Leto Rocked out three of our tunes and the interview ran for a good two hours . It's so nice to get support from our local radio stations . We have to support the indie music and upcoming greats . I am just one artist trying to get heard in this industry . My old school music separates me from all the other bands out there . We have a distinctive sound like no other , with that classic rock feel to our music . I am in the process of getting merchandise out like , T shirts and beer cuzies . Our cd release Good Day To Be Alive  (physical copy ) is available . It should be up on cdbaby and all of our partner distributers this week . Like iTunes and such . If you would like to email me direct for a signed copy . I can do that . kevinbklein@yahoo.com Lets get the word out about KBK and get America and World Rockin !

Hello America and World !!!!  I had a fantastic live interview with Omelette and Friends https://www.facebook.com/pages/Omelette-Friends-Radio-Show/293949423988036. Omelette and Rick Coates are the DJ's on this show . They have a very fun show . I started the interview off by giving a gift of thanks . A mason jar full of cherries and Moonshine :-) WKLT is in Traverse City , which is our cherry capital . The interview lasted almost an hour and a half . They hit me up with some great questions about where I plan on going with my music career , asked about my band mates , and hurdles I have leaped along my musical journey .Thy said my appearance was so 80's . They loved my rocker look . lol .  We had a lot of fun and laughs and told me the spandex had to go . lol . We had a lot of people call in . We had musicians call in and send me a lot of love for being so positive and diligent . I refuse to give up on my dream of hitting the bigtime . We had alot of everyday listeners call in and a girl that use to live in my hometown of Capac and now lives in Northern Michigan . Her name is Casey . She called to first ask if I remembered her. Also that I had helped her to write a song a few years ago to help her get through her best friends death . Her best friend was a high school girl who died from Lupus . Her name was Jenna . I was totally thrown off guard an she totally touched my heart . This girl and her mother drove an hour and a half to meet up with me after the interview . I was so touched . I also got an invite to be on their intern show . After our interview I had a cd signing at Classic Harley Davison of Traverse City https://www.facebook.com/pages/Classic-Harley-Davidson/125870037468574. Where we met a lot of cool people , sold cd's and bought myself a new pair of Harley Davison biker boots. We also hit up Z93 fm in Traverse City . The programming director loved me . I hope soon to be rocking on their hit station . Then off to The Union Street Station https://www.facebook.com/pages/Union-Street-Station/115637368458081for drinks and promotion and also next door to Bootleggers .https://www.facebook.com/pages/Dillingers-Pub-Bootleggers/100902416631388  . We also visited a Traverse City business owner who treated us to dinner afterwards.My friend is the owner of  https://www.facebook.com/wowtraversecity Then we travel back home to end the night in my own bed . A four hour drive back to Capac . Its a Good Day To Be Alive . For Physical copies of our latest cd please Email Me at kevinbklein@yahoo.com   Keep on Rockin .... KBK

On October 14th which is this coming Monday . I will be doing a Live on air interview on 97.5 WKLT Traverse City , The Rock Station . Have your ears on at around 7 am . I will be on with Omelette and friends ! http://www.wklt.com/

I will also be cranking out The KBK and signing cd's at Classic Harley Davison of Traverse City from 11:30am until 2:00pm  See You There !

Check out our New Video ! This was just a fun day on the lake . We will be using some clips from here for our official  Good Day To Be Alive video .


Our cd release " Good Day To be Alive "  is now in stock ! For  physical copies you contact us now at our email .  Just shoot me an email at kevinbklein@yahoo.com and I can get them to you :-) They will also be available through cdbaby.com very soon . On sale now for $13.00 per copy. Signed copies available upon request ! Get em now ! They're Hot !  KBK


Well our physical Cd copies of " Good Day To Be Alive " will be in stock on  Monday evening . I will be able to start filling orders for it on Tuesday . Anyone interested in getting your very own copy of this Killer Rock Album can email me directly at kevinbklein@yahoo.com . We will also have signed copies available also . I will be personally having  a cd signing  in my hometown of Capac , Michigan in the next couple weeks . I will keep you updated on our plans a.s.a.p. .  This will be posted on our calendar of events . Please leave your thoughts on our guest book page .  Talk to you soon , KBK

We are currently working our way closer to our cd release party in Nashville . We are shooting for a late November date . I will be having  a cd signing in my home town of Capac , Michigan within the next couple weeks . Just waiting on my physical cd's to arrive in the mail . Then the sky is the limit .We are getting some great airtime on The SongWriters Webcast with David Mobley http://www.thesongwriterswebcast.com/listentoourbroadcast.html Weare also getting aired on VRadio Nashville and we are on their Top 40 charts http://tunein.com/radio/VRadio-Nashville-s136848/ and a few other sites posted on our homepage . I will share more updates soon ! KBK

We are currently working on physical cd's for our album " Good Day To Be Alive " . The digital album and downloads are available on this site . We are working on T shirts also . Some with the album cover and some with our logo . Our cd release party will be in Nashville in November . A lot of things to get done ! We are working on getting mainstream radio to spin our tunes . We need people to request us on your favorite rock stations . We are also getting played on several internet radio stations and doing voice overs for them . Things are looking good overall . Please leave comments in our guestbook , we appreciate the feedback . Please come and like us on face book  ( Kevin B Klein Music )  KBK

The Kevin B Klein band has just released our new album called  " Good Day To Be Alive " digital download only at this time .It is available on this website , my facebook music page  ( Kevin B Klein Music ) , iTunes and many other sites . The Physical cd is in the works as well as our Tshirts with our bands logo and then some .I will keep you posted on our progress. We need download sales so we can get this show on the road this fall . Our cd release party will be in Nashville this year. We are working really hard on our music promotion . We need everybody to request our music at your local rock stations . Let us know what stations still need these Killer tunes and we will be honored to hook them up for your listening pleasure. We appreciate all comments on our Guest Book Page . Keep on Rockin the  " KBK "

My cd release  " Good Day To Be Alive " will be available next Wednesday the 24th on cdbaby . It has been taking a little longer than expected but it will all be worth it in the end . I am so proud of everybody involved in this project . We will be out on tour very soon also . Hope you all love these oldschool  style rock tunes . I will be adding them to this site also and removing my Demo music from my audio player and adding the new music in its place . Thank you all for being so patient  :-)  KBK

 " Now Available " my new single  " Born To Be Free " . A very patriotic , very powerful and very rockin tune ! I am bringing back that 80's sound in a big way ! Please "Check It Out " All proceeds will  go to get my band on tour . KBK  http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/kevinbklein12


 This is the first song I am letting out to the public to preview called " Born To Be Free "  . I am hoping this song goes viral for the 4th of July holiday season . It is a real rocker . Very heartfelt and tasteful . A must see slideshow also as a tribute to our fallen troops and current military . I hope you enjoy and please share .  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sl_c_FlrGEY&list=UUtb3rMr1aEHdgY7eCocNcoQ

Hello America and World ! This past Memorial Day weekend I had posted a slideshow with one of my songs recorded with my band in Nashville. Its called " Born To Be Free " . This song is a tribute to all of our troops serving our Great Country . Especially for our fallen soldiers . This song was discovered by Detroit"s own Jim Johnson " aka " JJ Johnson of Detroit's  104.3 WOMC . JJ has featured my band and I on the radio stations website for the World to enjoy .Here's the link to the article  http://womc.cbslocal.com/2013/05/27/kevin-b-klein-local-rocker-salutes-our-troops-on-memorial-day/  Thank you  JJ for the KBK shout out and for supporting our troops this Memorial Day !  KBK

I was in Nashville just a couple days ago to preview my mixes . The songs are coming along and should be out in a couple weeks . I am trying to get a single out this weekend . I have also posted a new page called  KBK Logo . It is my new logo for my Nashville band . I call it  " The Conflict "  It is my interpretation of life . The struggle between Heaven and Hell . Good always prevails in my life . This logo had come from my thoughts and was created by my brother who is an artist . Hope you like it . It posses alot of power , The Power of God in my heart and soul !  KBK

Well I have been working with an artist on my band logo . The logo is almost complete and will be posted very soon . It is an amazing work of art to say the least . It is a vision and a powerful statement about how I depict life . The songs are in the mixing process . I am really paying  special attention to details . This album is my life story and is full of  positive energy . I am excited to have everyone hear it . But it does take time to bring your vision to reality . So far so good !  KBK

I have been doing a little updating on all my sites. Please stop in and visit my facebook music page  https://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Kevin-B-Klein-Music/179347005474996.I have worked with an awesome photographer this past weekend . This photographer will be filming my music video this May 2013 .His company is  www.wmchrouch.com . We shot about 250 pics . I have only posted a couple currently and will be posting more this week ! Please comment in my guestbook page on this website or leave a comment on my facebook music page .Less than a month and my new music will be released . KBK

Less than a month to go for my New Release to hit the  music scene ! I can't wait for all of you to hear my new stuff . I really stepped up my game but not without some great guys rocking out my jams in a kickass Nashville studio . I will have music available as soon as possible on cdbaby and Itunes , etc . Alot of changes were made to make such an incredible album. I have recently traveled to New York to visit a very special friend of mine who is suffering from cancer . Please share some prayers for my friend and brother Daniel Atkinson . We are trying to raise money for therapy for Dan http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/cancer-fight-the-good-fight?show_todos=true Please help if you can .Dan is only in his 40's and has a beautiful family and really needs some help.  I believe in paying forward to those in need . Thank you and God Bless ,  KBK

 The reproduction of my music is complete and I have added some great new songs to the playlist . I have an Awesome band now and I am proud to call myself a  "Nashville recording artist" . The new recordings are incredible . My music now has a Heavy Metal sound , like the 80's rock bands I have always loved . My ballads are heart crushing. I also have some great dance tunes . A flavor for everybody . My New album will be called , Kevin B Klein " Good Day To Be Alive ". It will be released in a few weeks . My cd release party will be in Nashville , I will post the details soon. I am looking forward to getting my Indie Music played all around the World ! I have never heard or worked with a better group of musicians than the ones I have pulled together for this project . I will also be touring with these fella's . I will introduce all of my bandmates at the release of my new album . We are shooting for April 2013 ! Rock On  KBK !

Well I have been working on some new material for my new release. I have just completed another cool song for my project. It has a little political message in it , but I think it's cool . I am bringing what I can to the table, so we will see what songs make the cut. I am thinking of creating somewhat of a dance tune also.The song will either be a remix of one of my existing songs or what the heck, I could whip up another hit out ! I am really looking forward to reproducing all my songs in the Nashville studio with these real great producers and fabulous musicians . I think my songs are really great ! Deserving of a grammy with a little work .I write from the heart . I stay true to my songs and my music. In less than a couple weeks we will be cutting this new work. I can't wait . I will keep everybody posted on when the music will be released . Talk to you soon. KBK

I have just completed a new song for my new cd release .This new song is upbeat and has a sound all of its own .Very hooky. Reproduction will start in March .I will be working with some fantastic Nashville artist . I will be recording in Nashville also . This is the first time I will be working with producers so I am very excited . I will also start working on my video for my song "Girl Like You" . I think the video will help to launch this great song . I will keep you all updated on my progress . Now I must get back to my songwriting for the moment . Hope all your dreams come true ,and that you never give up on them . Dreams take alot of hard work .The harder you work at making your dreams happen ,the more people will start to realize your special talents. KBK

My last trip to Nashville went very well . I am one more step up the ladder of success .The first night there I got to sing at The Tin Roof  . My friend Dave had invited me to sit in with his band . He plays guitar for the Kelly Pickler  band.I also sang some karaoke at a bar in Printers Alley called Lonnies western Room . What a riot . When I arrived there , there were only a couple people there . I started singing and the bar filled up . Everybody was singing along with me and partying . What an awesome time well spent . I set up my time in the studio to reproduce my material while down there also . This is going to be a dream come true for me . I will be working with some great musicians and some great producers also . I plan on working on my Video for my song "Girl Like You" while we are in the studio . I will have more details in my next blog . Thank you for checking in with me . KBK

I will be heading down to Nashville to set up session time for some reproducing . I will be reproducing a couple of my songs .For a heavier and cleaner sound ! I will there next saterday January 26th . till the 29th . If your down there look for me and I will give you a free cd of mine !  Kevin B Klein "The Only One"  Looking forward to this trip . I think better sound quality will get me airtime on mainstream radio . I will also be rocking out while i'm down there :-)

I am currently working with an awesome new guitarist that I have met via Youtube . This guitarist seeked me out and left a contact number . I met up with him and we have awesome chemistry together . His name is Svenle and he is from Switzerland . He has such great guitar skills , he has a Heavy Metal style and a classical background.I think he will be an asset to my music . We are currently working on my song " Girl Like You " for reproduction . I will be reproducing in Nashville in March 2013. I will be putting a bit more edge to this song to give it more of a Heavy Metal feel to it . My song  " Girl Like You "  is currently getting aired in New York on an internet station called Oldies plus . net   . The DJ , Nick Haag, from this station aired my song  "Girl Like You"  and said his listening audience loved it  !  Thank you Nick !I am excited for you to hear the changes . I will keep you updated on our progress . KBK

Well its finally the new year and much is changing for the better with my band and my music . I will start reproducing all my songs with my new bandmates in Detroit next month . I am now working with a killer guitarist and an awesome drummer to put some real edgieness in my music .I will make my mark in the world of music for sure ! I will keep you all updated on my progress ! Thank you for all your support by listening to my music and visiting my website !

Ok , so my year started off great with a trip to Nashville . Promoting my self as a solo artist . I always meet the most awesome people on every trip . Some of the people I meet are in the music industry and have been a great help to me and I appreciate them so much . I also drove out to Oswego , New York to perform at a benefit for a man who is suffering from cancer . His name is Dan Atkinson .Dan found me on youtube .He loved my youtube video's. Dan is now like a brother to me . I travelled from my home in Capac , Michigan to be there for him and his awesome family at his Cancer Benefit to raise money for his hospital bills. We raised some good money for Dan and had a blast performing some of my originals and doing some karaoke also .Dan has been doing pretty good since our trip . Gaining weight and looking good ! God is blessing him and his family . After that trip I went to North Carolina and back to Nashville for some more promoting and got a chance to play at the Nashville Palace , thanks to my new friend and CMT artist Jimmy Parker . I also got a chance to play at a private loft party in Nashville also .I played some more of my originals and got to play with Kelly Pickler's guitarist Dave Baker . There were some cool songwriters there also , like the writer for Tim Mcgraw , Reba and the Judds.   What a riot ! I always hit my favorite karaoke bar when I visit Nashville called WannaB's karaoke bar . I always give them quite a show . I also played at a benefit for a young man who was brutally assulted in Michigan to help raise money for his hospital bills  and played at a benefit to raise money for Toys for tots . I like to help out when I can . I believe in giving back through my God givin talents as a musician . I have also been selling some music and also donating to support Breast Cancer Research . I have always tried to live a happy life and be kind to others . Hopefully I will get my Big Break in the New Year ! Well till then Keep on Jamming the Kevin B Klein music !

Don't forget to leave me a comment or message on my Guest Book page . Also please visit my Youtube page for some Great music and some giggles ! Happy Holidays .  KBK

Well had a great time playing Hayman loft in Nashville. This was a private party in downtown Nashville . I got to play with Kelly Pickler guitarist , Dave Baker ,a great friend of mine . We played the Janis Joplin song "Piece of my heart" acoustic . I also got to spend time with Nashville's very own Jimmy parker ,. Jimmy is a great friend of mine also. Jimmy is a CMT artist . I also got to spend time with a handfull of Nashvilles greatest songwriters and musicians . What a great time ! Next on my agenda I will be performing at The Rusty Nail bar in Clinton Twp , Michigan for Toys for tots concert this coming sunday around 6pm and at Augies bar in Madison Hts earlier in the day.This is a benefit for a victim of a violent assult and now is blind because of his injuries. I will be setting up a friends of KBK page soon to showcase my musician friends . 

On all of my music sales I donate a portion of the proceeds to support " Breast Cancer Research "  . I am passionate about this cause . I know many  people are affected by this illness everyday and I am just trying to do my part through my God givin talent. We can all make a difference through our actions . KBK


I have a great single comming out to the marketplace this weekend . Its my new Christmas song called " Christmas Time In Our Universe " It is a collabaration I have recorded with some friends of mine from the U.K.  They are called The Rainbow Mandrills . This is an upbeat , festive , and fun song . It will be availabe on cdbaby and all of my other sites that sell my cd release "The Only One " Please check it out and don't forget to visit my Guestbook so you can comment on all my works.

I have been working on some new material plus working my way towards reproducing my current work . I love writing these great songs . I will be performing in Nashville at Hayman Loft in November 2012 and I am pretty pumped for that event . I just want to get heard go viral and make the bigtime . I want to share my success with others . I believe in giving back. I know what it feels like firsthand to need some help from others . I make the money I share it ! Please help by purchasing some of my songs or my entire cd .I also support Breast cancer research by donating to Providence Hospital in Michigan. Gotta give to live .

Hello America and World ! My CD is getting airtime on Rhode Island college Radio. I am also getting picked up on an internet station in California called HOTMIX 106.com and The SongWritersWebcast.com  . I have also been getting this CD out to local DJ's and getting great responce! I am new so give me a little time and you are sure to love my tunes. Thank You

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